Can I pick up my Hoop-De-Doo tickets at CSR Concierge Desk?

We have a reservation and are going to the show next Tuesday evening. Can I get the tickets early at my resort?

Also, I have an Annual Pass and I am supposed to be able to get the 10% refunded back to the credit card that I used when I booked the reservation. Can the Concierge desk handle that as well?

I’m almost positive that you don’t need to pickup actual tickets at all. Just give your name at Pioneer Hall. Not sure about your AP question though!

I went last year and showed my pass at pioneer hall at the check in
for the show

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Yes and probably yes. At least we collected them once at the Contemporary concierge desk, and once at Pioneer Hall. I can’t remember which one we needed to get a DVC refund, but I’m pretty sure the k will be able to do it.