Can I park at another resort?

We are driving to Disney and staying at POFQ. We have reservations at Chef Mickey and Ohana and I wanted to know if I am able to drive to the other resorts and just park there for the dining reservations. I feel like it would be so much faster and easier to get there.

If you have a confirmed dining reservation, you can park at the resort the reservation is at.

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Ok. So do I have to bring proof of that reservation?

I’ve never tried, but read a bunch of blogs and listen to a lot of podcasts. It seems the guard will usually check on your reservations from what I’ve read.

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Ok. Thank you!

Yes, you just need to present your parking slip from your resort. Also, there is a 2 hour maximum to park at another resort. After that, you risk being towed. They want to make sure there is parking for resort guests and people with reservations. For instance, they don’t want you parking at Beach Club to eat at Cape May Cafe and then staying parked there while you hop over to Epcot. Hope this helps!

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So if I have a reservation, do I still risk being towed or is that just for people that are resort hopping?

As long as you are out in 2 hours, you’re fine. I’m not sure how closely they monitor this, but it’s what a CM told me when I had the same question.

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Ok…well, I guess we better eat fast. Haha. Although, I am hoping to be done in 90 minutes.

Do you agree that it would be a lot faster to drive there though?

I have parked at Beach Club, Grand Floridian, and Poly like this with no problems. The guard just looked at my parking pass from AoA and gave me a sticker with the time I think. It was painless. We were always done dining with more than enough time to spare. Driving between resorts is always faster than riding to a park or DS and then having to transport to the resort you’re dining at IMO.

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That’s kinda what I figured. I feel like I’ll be stressed out just trying to get there with their transportation.

It will be so much easier to drive and park at other resorts! Sometimes they do not give you a parking pass but they may scan your MB, so have that. I would not worry about being out in two hours. If you have time before you plan on being at a park take some time to enjoy the resort you are eating at! Walk the grounds and see how it compares to FQ. Enjoy!


No one is going to get towed while eating at Ohana! I promise. Don’t rush to get back out to your car. There are no published time limits for parking at the resorts. Most of the parking is left up to the discretion of the gate attendant.

And yes, it is definitely way faster to drive directly to the resorts to eat. It’s faster to drive to 3/4 of the parks as well. I could make an argument that under some circumstances it’s faster to drive everywhere! Don’t stress out!


I have actually decided that I am going to drive to all the parks, aside from Magic Kingdom. I hate that I won’t take advantage of the transportation and avoid having to use my car, but I would rather not have to spend an hour waiting on transportation. I want to be able to get as much park time as possible.

YMMV, but when we went for the 4th of July this year we stayed at Port Orleans and never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus, most times much much less and the travel time was only seemingly long to Animal Kingdom.

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What about getting BACK to the resorts?

Same. Only time we waited was when we closed the park down and even then it was 10 maybe 15 minutes. The longest wait and biggest pain was getting back to Magic Kingdom from Disney Springs. We took the bus to the Contemporary and waited a half hour.


That’s really my only concern. I don’t mind waiting to GET to the park, but we have some ADR’s in the evening and I don’t want to miss those.

Yeah that’s legit. I’m not sure if it’s running still, though it appears to be being it’s still up on Disney’s site.

We’ll be taking full advantage of this in 3 weeks if it’s still up. Not having to clear security when park hopping and being dropped off in the park seems legit to me.