Can I make it in time? A busing puzzle

My friend got the pressed pot of coffee, but I am not a coffee fan. I enjoyed the Tonga toast and can’t wait to try the macadamia nut pancakes so I can compare for myself!

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The fried chicken, I believe. Supposedly the fried chicken is arguably as good as from Homecomin’.

Maybe that’s what I’ll try, then, since the Tonga Toast is off limits for me. Either that, or if I’m not in the mood for something sweet, I’ll just go with the Two Eggs Any Style.

You ate breakfast with Winnie the Pooh? :wink:

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I actually stayed at OKW (just one night) in October and kind of regret that we didn’t eat at Olivia’s. My friend is Gluten-free and really wanted to try Raglan Road for the GF fish and chips. That was dinner. And no way I can eat breakfast before going to the park because my tummy is on Pacific time. I did have a drink and the deep friend pickle chips at Gurgling Suitcase. I guess I keep finding reasons to go back!

dang… I was thinking the 3 bears… Pooh is not small :wink: he’s fluffy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: in a wonderful way

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Yeah. I got the Goldilocks reference…but being a mostly Disney forum, I couldn’t help but bring Winnie into it! :slight_smile:

I agree… and will be more careful w/ my bear references here in the future.

tangent: I still have my Winne-the-Pooh from my first visit to the world in 1971.


Good move.

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ok… just making sure… the monorail into the poly is shut down for now… but you did say

so I guess you are aware

Yes…but appreciate the thought! Because who knows what we may or may not actually know!

But yeah. This gives us a chance to actually take advantage of being on the monorail loop now. Of course, it would be even better if we could just get off at Poly instead, but no biggie. And it is nice that the boat from Poly to MK is operating now.

I really should thank @PrincipalTinker once again…this is ultimately all possible because of her generosity and thoughtfulness!


It’s not a long/far walk from the TTC to the Poly … I looked at it the last time we were there and I was thinking about hopping over for funzies

@ryan1, we discovered on either our July 2018 trip or the Sept 2019 trip that buses were no longer on a park-resort loop. They were leaving the park for wherever they were dispatched to.

Idk what they’re doing now.

I have not found resort CMs to be extra knowledgeable about bus doings. I used to call WDW-RIDE for better info. Even got what quickly proved to be crappy bus route info from a CM at the MK bus area.

Again, no idea what’s going on now. Maybe you will find out in merely a few days. :grin:

Somewhat on topic, DW and I were tentatively planning on a monorail bar crawl at the end of our MK day if we’re up for it. A couple questions on that, and it seems this is as good a place as any:

  1. Which bars? I’m leaning toward Outer Rim, skipping Poly due to monorail station, and then Enchanted Rose. Won’t be dressed up for Cali Grill Lounge and don’t want to count on there being space available, otherwise would prefer that.

  2. How long would one drink at each of the two bars mentioned reasonably take, along with a few extra minutes to take in resort decorations etc.? Wondering if I have any chance to make it back around to MK buses when they’re still running if I stay til close in MK (is it strictly an hour after park closing for buses?).

  3. Is it worth it to allow more time and include the walk from TTC to Poly for Tambu Lounge? Never stepped foot in the Poly before, and this would be the only chance on this trip. I’m guessing adding that for sure means I have to leave MK early or depend on Lyft or a GF bus to DS or something.

Too hard to find good intel on this scenario since reopening. Are people even doing bar crawls right now? Any issues with resorts not letting non-guests in for a lounge visit since covid? Sorry, that’s a lot of questions. Being concise is not a strength. :wink:

Has Outer Rim opened? Last I saw, it was still closed. There is still The Wave Lounge.

Of course, I have no experience with either.

Looks like just Thurs-Sun right now, but that’ll work for the Fri we’re there.


We did a monorail crawl in October. It was not the lounge crawl I envisioned after our MK day (my friend was too tired), but instead a breakfast at the Poly and shopping crawl. The monorail was still stopping at the Poly in October, though. The lounges weren’t even open, but it was fun to get a little feel for the three resorts. And the shopping was great! :rofl:

Confirming this was intended to be a LOTR reference.


Yes. Indeed!

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Never pegged @ryan1 for a LOTRs guy :joy::joy: its my fav! Once a year my son and I have a movie marathon, we start with the Hobbit trilogy and end with the Lord of the Ring trilogy (tetralogy, up for debate). Sometimes it rolls into the next day :joy:

Our whole family has a LOTR marathon every year. (Special extended version, of course.) We are constantly quoting it to one another.

Although, we don’t bother with the Hobbit movies. Waste of time. Nowhere near as good as LOTR.


:scream: first piece of fantasy fiction I ever read. I. Just. Cant! I wish the Hobbit trilogy was just… better, but we still see it as necessary. We’ve both read all the books so we are able to follow the truth vs movie, lol.