Can I make it in time? A busing puzzle

There is one morning we have a 9:45 ADR at Olivia’s for breakfast. Since we are coming from Boardwalk, the thought is we can walk to HS and wait for the first bus to arrive from Old Key West and then hop on to head back. Do you think there is enough time to make it?

The alternative is for us to take a bus to AK early and then do the same thing…since AK opens at 8, we have plenty of time…but it is a lot more out of the way and requires us to get up and out earlier.

Last resort would be to take a Lyft, but I would prefer to stick to Disney transportation as much as we can.

Is that how the buses work? The same bus goes back and forth in the morning to the same resort? For some reason I thought they were dispatched to where they were needed, but maybe thats just in the evenings. If not and it goes back to OKW, I think u have enough time. Even if ur a few mins late, they should honor ur resi.

Well…if we are standing there waiting to board back to OKW, wouldn’t that mean they were needed? :slight_smile:

Hmmm. I wonder how I can find out for sure. It doesn’t seem like something I could just call about.

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No, but when u get there, u can go to guest services and ask if the bus that drops off goes back to OKW, just got a reminder for an ADR, got the days mixed up and just need to get there. Depends on how u feel about little white lies, lol. If they say no, Lyft from HS.
Edit: Ive already mentally discounted the AK scenario, tooo much wasted time, lol.

Edit #2: Could yall bus to DS and boat to OKW?

I mean, how could you ever go to AK and then not GO to AK??? Too risky. You’ll end up skipping breakfast at the very idea of that tree just behind the tapstiles.


In all seriousness I would just take a Lyft.


Yeah… I agree on the Lyft. I know you what to do it “free”, but the $13 - $15 you’ll spend will save you so much time & stress - especially first thing in the morning!


Right now the boats aren’t running from any of the resorts to DS.

Ordinarily though it might work, although since DS only opens at 10am ‘m not sure if there will be a bus to DS that early.

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Yeah, as @Nickysyme said, the boats aren’t running, so that’s out…and Disney Springs opens too late.

I guess I’ll ask GS at the Boardwalk if they have any suggestions or can confirm whether the Bus from HS idea would work, otherwise we’ll have to use Lyft.

It is actually kind of odd. We’re going to Olivia’s twice. On Dec. 2, we have a 5 pm dinner reservation. We’ll just take a bus from HS to OKW for that. (And if we finish in time, we can take a bus back to HS…otherwise we’ll have to take a bus to DS and then transfer to a bus to Boardwalk.) But the very next morning is our 9:45 at Olivia’s for breakfast! Maybe we should just camp out at OKW for the night! :wink:


I have never found the resort CMs advice on transportation to be accurate. I would ask a bus driver.

You could try the HS option but be prepared to contact Lyft by 9:15.


Ahhh, good point. I thought I read the boats were back. I thought the boats/ buses ran 1 hr early to DS also. Welp, sounds like Lyft is best bet.

The boats servicing the BC, YC, and BW to EP and HS are back, but not the ones to DS.


Personally, I would Uber or Lyft. You could sleep later and have a more direct path to your ADR. I don’t like to do ADRs that are not near my final desination. I had a delicious breakfast at Trattioria al Forno the first week of November. You could walk there.

Olivia’s is out of the way, for sure. But in both cases (dinner and breakfast) there are specific menu items that we are going for unique to Olivia’s.

This is what comes of following DFBGuide!

Actually, it is our only breakfast of the entire trip!


Excited to read what you think! Her videos do make Olivias look enticing!

Okay. Ignore this entire thread. We decided to change our plans. :slight_smile:

We dropped our Olivia’s breakfast reservation on Friday morning, and instead have booked breakfast at Kona Cafe on Tuesday, the morning we are still at Bay Lake Tower. This way we can just monorail over (well, plus a 10 minute walk from the TTC), and then when we’re done, take the boat over to MK for the day.

This works out because ORIGINALLY what my wife really wanted was the Tonga Toast. But, we couldn’t make that work originally. Olivia’s as Banana French Toast, which is reportedly ALMOST as good. That’s why we booked there.

But now that we were able to get an easily-accessible Kona Cafe reservation for breakfast, Tonga Toast is “back on the menu, boys!” (Ahem…and girls.)

I can’t have either (since I’m allergic to bananas) so I’ll find something else to eat in either case!


I was just going to ask what was on the menu at Olivia’s that you want to get. Still interested in the dinner option?

BTW, I had the Tonga toast last month and really liked it. But @ppehap says the macadamia nut pancakes are better and I almost ordered those at the last minute because I saw them come out for another table. But I stuck with the Tonga Toast and will just have to go back to try the other!

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LOL… my guys got the tonga toast and said it was way TOO sweet. the M.nut pancakes were “just right” quoting a small bear :wink:

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I too am a fan of the macadamia nut pancakes. Add a pressed pot of Kona coffee please!


oh yes, that coffee was wonderful, I believe you recommended it; thank you :wink: