Can I force my FP+ times into an optomized touring plan

Hi. I am trying to create custom touring plans and I have existing FastPass+ reservations set in my itinerary. Is there a way to run an optimized custom touring plan yet force the existing FastPass+ reservations? As I try to run an optimized plan it seems to ignore 1 or two of my FastPass+ reservations and scheduling the attraction for a later time.

It may be that the lines will be short at a different time for these attractions, but in this case I want to see these attractions at the designated FastPass+ times. For instance, I have a FastPass+ for the Frozen Sing Along at 11 AM, and the optimized touring plan says to skip that reservation and visit the attraction at 6:30 PM. As a means of keeping the peace with my 2 girls, I think the day would go better if we hit the Frozen Sing Along at the morning FastPass+ time rather than make them wait until into the evening.


I don’t think that there is, but you could put a break in for the amount of time it will take, (if there’s a restaurant nearby use that for location) remove frozen from your plan, optimise then remove the break and replace with frozen song-a-long and then evaluate.

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@BigPetesWife has given you the correct approach - set up meal breaks using a nearby restaurant for the anticipated time the attraction will take. I would do this one at a time and then re-optimize after each change as that may make the rest of the FPPs fall into place. Do Frozen first as it is the most important one

I say make them wait. Builds character. Kids these days are too used to getting everything immediately. And they won’t stay off of my lawn…


As far as I know you can’t, and it’s my single biggest gripe about customized TPs. I frequently select FPPs for specific reasons not related to simply the shortest possible wait, and when I do an optimization it tells me that it isn’t using some of my FPPs. I REALLY wish there was an option to “lock” FPPs the way that ADRs are locked, and have the program optimize around them. I know that adding a break at the FPP time slot is a viable “work-around”, but I think this should be a built-in feature. @len - is this possible to do?


Cool. This is what I tried. It seemed to work, but the limited Lights, Motors, Action! showtimes, my FastPass+ times, and scheduled afternoon break didn’t play nice together. If we decide to drop the afternoon break I can re-optimize on the fly and add the 4:20 LMA! show back in.

I think this strategy of adding a meal or break then replacing with a FastPass+ attraction is a better work around for parks with fewer scheduled showtimes and more continuous rides.


lol. But what if getting Frozen over with in the morning makes life easier on Dad…? I also better check on where I can get beer in DHS.

Agreed. Would be a terrific feature, but no idea on how difficult that would be to implement in the algorithm.

Paging @MDU - this is your area of expertise, I believe…

For shows its probably a little different, but I forced the plan to use my FPPs by adding the ride into the plan multiple times.

My reasoning is that there are two options with the plan while you are in the park:
1) ride the ride multiple times, because hey who doesn’t ultimately want to ride Space Mountain more than 1x?!?!?!?!

2) Use additional ride slots to ride something else ad-lib in the area you are currently in or use the liners App to see whats easy to get on.

But as I said, it is probably a little different shows because as “amazing” as the song “Let it Go” is, I wouldn’t want to sit through the same show more than once.

Hope this helps!