Can I escort my 7 year old into rides but not ride myself?

I’ll be going with both of my kids (7 and 2.5) alone in a few weeks so I can’t ride with the older one on some of the bigger rides. I’m not comfortable letting him stand in the lines alone but I know he’ll be fine on the actual rides–we’re frequent Disney goers. Can me and my 2.5 year old walk through the lines with him and then leave when he gets to the front and head down to where he’ll be let off? I imagine I could do this on my own, but I’m worried CMs will think I’m trying to sneak my toddler onto rides he’s not quite tall enough for. Anyone have experience with this?

I think kids need to be older to ride by themselves. 9 or 13

No, they only need to be 7. But I don’t think you’ll be able to enter the line with the toddler if there’s a height limit.

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I have the opposite problem. If my husband doesn’t want to go in November ill have my 2 kids, 12 and 8. The 8 year old doesn’t ride the big rides, Space, EE, Etc., so DH hangs back with her. I can send my 12 year old alone, but I want to ride it with him! I don’t want to make my 8 year old girl wait alone while we ride :pensive:

Under 7 must be with someone 14 or older so a 7 year old can ride alone. What I would do is CALMLY talk to the CM and let them know YOU DON"T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THEM WAITING ALONE . Make sure you use the words FEEL COMFORTABLE and ALONE they are trigger words to alert the CM that you are serious and not trying to play the system. Some people might say “I want to wait with my child” The CM may not pay this much mind. But I’m sure you already know this.

You can all enter the line though so the 8yo could leave through the chicken exit instead of boarding, you’d only be away from her for a few minutes. You could tell her to wait by the cash register so you know she’s near a CM.

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My youngest son was measured one day and was tall enough and rode but then the following day we waited in line (FPP at least) and he was deemed too short when we got to the front where they ask how many in your party. I guess gravity had taken it’s toll (frustrating but he’s a year older and tall enough to ride everything now). But anyway, if they have the ability to stop you for height at the point of loading, then they shouldn’t have any problem letting you wait in line until that point with your shortie and 7 year old. Although I have never done this. Perhaps that would be a possibility to explain to CM???

I agree with the first reply. Another option if you’re not comfortable with that is you could do rider switch and leave the 8 year old with your 12 year old. Any chance the 8 year old will change her mind after waiting in line?


The only issue being that quite often CMs won’t give a rider swap for someone tall enough to ride, even though their own policy says you can do this.

I guess I can understand that only because they allow, when you use the rider swap pass, for you to bring along sometimes up to 3 people with you (depending on the ride), which effectively means you could be using the rider swap excuse just to get double rides. It is probably a judgment call on the part of the CM to determine legitimacy of the ride swap.

Yes that’s partly why, and partly I’d guess some CMs genuinely don’t know the rules.

It may also be a factor in rider swap going digital with a 1 hour return window.