Can I do FOP at 8 pm Closing after ROL?

Hi all. Does anyone know if I would be able to get in line for FOP after a 7:45 show of ROL, on an 8 pm closing day? I’m thinking the answer is no but wondering if anyone reading has been able to do so?

No. ROL is about 15 minutes long so there would be no way to make it (unless you left ROL early).

I would totally try this actually - we got into the FOP line at 815 and just flew through last year in October - it was so great to see everything in the line up for FOP - you miss that with fastpasses - we were through in 15 minutes. I would go directly there and plan to sit somewhere for ROL where you can take off the minute it is done and be closest to Pandora. I hope I understood your abbreviations :stuck_out_tongue: