Can I count in Rider swap to maximize FPP or is it too risky

I’m planning a trip for 8 including two toddler aged kids. I know that rider switch used to be good to help “increase” the number of FPP you could book by only booking FPP for half of the group and the second half using rider swap.
I have read that some headliners are insisting that all members of the party have FPP and not just the Group 1 party which would make it a risk to use this strategy. Is it too risky to count on this when planning? Im new to this and it’s my natural inclination to play it safe :grinning:, but this option looks like a no brainer if it is reliable.
Thanks for any advice!

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It’s very rare that CMs will insist on that, and mainly at FOP and 7DMT. But if you stand your ground, they’ll almost always do it anyway. There’s no point in getting FPs for kids too small to ride, so it makes sense that at least 1 other person should do a different FP with them.

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I have a friend who did this even on headliners w no issue but I didnt take chances w 7dmt or sdd. We will see how it works on ee, dinosaur and btmr

We used RS on FoP twice on 15 Jan 2020. Got two FPP (for myself and son) for 1200ish and my son rode twice (once with wife, once with me). Also had two FPP around 3:45 (wife and daughter) and son rode twice again same configuration.

Trip Report for AK

Really good to hear your experience and thanks for the advice!
Think I’ll play it safe with big headliners and then use RS with everything else.

Now I need to figure out how on earth to plan DHS in June, I have zero clue how to tackle that one!

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Will your toddlers have tickets or under 3yo? I will be curious how you end up planning, I have booked all of our group for all of our FPP, with a 2 and 4yo. I couldn’t quite figure out how to be more strategic!

Our group is 5 adult, 1 7yo and 2 3yo. I need to spend some time this weekend trying to figure it all out. Will let you know how I get on - although not going to attempt planning DHS until closer to FPP booking window in April to see if an obvious strategy materialises.
I think you could book yourself and 4yo for three FPP and your partner could RS with 4yo getting a second turn, then another 3 FPP for your partner and then you go in with 4YO on RS. At least that is the approach I’ll try to map out for us in some form or another. But that only works when you are happy to split the party, which you may not with the kids. With our big group we can be a little flexible, although I know if I was going with just my family unit of 2 adults 7yo and 3yo we would probably sacrifice FPP/touring efficiency for being on all the attractions together, i’m sure it will be awesome if you leave your plans as they are.

I should add…this is probably going to get too complicated for me to manage, so maybe I’ll end up keeping it simple and trying to go with the flow. Maximising FPP+RS makes my brain hurt.