Can I change my regular reservation for Hollywood&Vine into a F! Dining Package?

I have a regular dining reservation for Minnie’s Seasonal Dining at the Hollywood&Vine. We want to see Fantasmic! that evening. Is it possible to change our “regular” reservation into a F! Dining Package? We are on the Dining Plan, so the extra cost is no issue in this case.

You can’t just change it, you would have to cancel it and rebook as a F! package if available.

Thanks for the answer. So if I call Disney, the CMs there can’t change the reservation, even if it involves the exact same amount of seats in the same restaurant?

If there are still F! packages available for that time, they will cancel your old booking and book one. But if none are available, they can’t just switch it over. The numbers of packages are limited.

If you can’t get one, I think they still have FP for Fantasmic, and you can always do standby. The package is only for the first show. If there are 2, the second will be much less crowded. Not sure if you can get FP for both or just the first.

Thanks again! Now I understand :smile: According to the Disney web site there are no F! packages left that day, but I hadn’t thought about doing F! with a Fastpass. Since HS has few (for us) interesting Fastpass alternatives, we might go for that.

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