Can I cancel a 'bounceback'

I have a trip planned and I know when my trip after that will be. I am hoping that a 'Bounceback" offer will be available when I go next.
My question is; Can ‘Bounceback’ reservations be canceled if we have a change of plans? Is the deposit and booking the same as a regular reservation?
(I have never actually seen an offer when I have visited before)

Not sure about the conditions etc.

I have heard though that there is always a Bounceback offer, but sometimes you need to ask about it at the front desk of you don’t get anything in your room.

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The bounceback coupon is in the small pamphlet that will usually be on the desk of your room when you arrive. The title is “Your Take Along Guide to the Magic”. Open it up and it is on the first page, it will tell you all the details on the discount and dates available.


I have seen it labeled “Be Our Guest”. Since you will be booking through wdw travel you must call, the front desk does not book it. You can make changes (keep the offer and change to any date available in the offer) or cancel. I have a free dining bounce back that I have already moved once and most likely will cancel. You can also apply a better discount (like an AP rate) if available.

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