Can I buy tix for UOR now and use in November?

I can't seem to find that information on their website. Thanks for any help!

Certainly yes! If you add the express pass option, then you'd have to select a specific day b/c prices for those vary depending on crowd levels.

Thank you. I'm staying at Loew's Pacific Resort for three nights and was hoping to find a buy two day tix and get thrid day free. I've seen it before and I don't know if it will come back, but if I do see them I am going to snatch them up right away.

Lots of luck! Enjoy Diagon Ally. I was there last week and was blown away.

You know that the Express Pass and Early Entry are included with your stay, right? And, you'll need a park hopper for the train.

Check Undercover Tourist @owenbohn . I just got 3 for 2 deal.


Yes, I did know that, thank you! I wouldn't normally spend so much money to stay on site but the Express Pass and Early Entry are great perks. I am not sure about the Hopper pass, though. Gonna have to make that decision soon!

I will, thank you!

Guess the decision comes down to if you'd like to take the train or not. Since you'll tour over a few days, you won't be under any pressure to get it all done in one (as was the case for me). I thought that w Express, one day was plenty for UOR. Although I sacrificed several shows.

Did you ride the train? Any opinions? I have an eight year old son that is currently working his way through the movies. He may not be indifferent to the train by the time we get there.

I did and thought it was cool! The theming on the train and at the stations plus the show itself (different shows in both directions) was fun. I'd certainly do it again. Not a thrill-ride at all but cool.

We haven't been on the train but our DD8 is now reading the books for the 3rd time through. There is no way she would be content to skip the train! I think the train is such a significant portion of the books but no quite as much emphasis/emotion is placed on it during the movies. If he doesn't read the books (which I highly recommend, they are amazing), he might be just fine not riding.