Can I buy Magic bands at Disney Springs?

We have Cdn tickets and are planning to have them activated at Guest Services in Disney Springs the day before we hit the parks. I would like to get some magic bands (not staying on site) so I will get the photos and videos and just because they are more convenient than digging for cards in my purse. Can I get the bands at Guest Services so I can do both things at the same time? If not, where’s the best place to purchase them and am I better off getting them before or after my trip to activate my tickets?

When I have stayed off site, I have bought the magic bands first and when I have gone to activate my tickets, the CMs have always linked the bands for me.


We got our magic bands in Disney Springs our last trip. It was at Pin Traders it’s at the same end as the Christmas store. They will show you how to add them to your MDE account. We are also Canadians :smile:

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Did you have your tickets activated before or after buying the magic bands?

Have you entered your tickets into your MDE account yet?

They are in the MDE, athough, with all the other ones that are still “active”. But I know I have to have the activated by proving I’m a Canadian resident, too.

That is exactly how mine were. So on our first park day we had to get them activated but we were able to link our tickets to the magic band on our own ahead of time. It didn’t take very long to do we just went 15 mins earlier than our plan on the first day.

When are you going?

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We’re going in March. But we’re going to go to Guest Services at Disney Springs the day before our first day, so we don’t have that hassle. I hope that will work. I was thinking to get the magic bands at the same time and save a trip.

Definitely a good idea! We for sure got the MagicBands at Pin Traders. They had a good selection.

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I just saw there is a limited edition Figment MB on the Disney website, but I don’t have much hope of getting that one at Disney Springs, I guess. I’m not waiting for EPCOT to get it, either. It would be nice, though. He’s my favourite.

They did have some limited edition ones in Pin Traders when we were there. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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thanks. I will check there first then. :slight_smile:

Wait! Where is Guest Services in DS now? Also, could they check to see if old Magic Bands will still work? We have some from 2 years ago, but I worry they won’t register the videos and photos I want. Really, that’s all I “need” the bands for, although it’ll be easier to have bands than cards for FPs, too.

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