Can I bring my kids into BOG without using one of their QS credits?

We made ADRs for BOG for a party of 7 on the quick service dinning plan. 2 of the smaller kids can eat off of our plates. They are very small and picky eaters.
So can all 7 of us go into BOG for lunch and only use 5 adult QS credits?
If we have to we could pay out of pocket and buy something small for the 2 kids.

Yes. You have to have a reservation for your whole group to get in but there is no minimum order. Our party of 5 (3 adults and 2 small children) went 3 weeks ago and split 2 adult and 1 child meal because that is what worked for us on that day.


You could have all seven go into BOG and split a cupcake. Totally doesn’t matter what you order.


Thanks this helps a lot.
Since they recently enforced the use of ‘children’s’ QS credits, we have had to change our thinking as far as the food budget is concerned.