Can i bring beach buggy as a "stroller"

planning to bring in lunches to save money for dinners. Saw where i could bring in soft sided cooler but no wheels. can i bring in a fold up beach stroller then i could put cooler, towels etc. This would be easier than renting a locker.

thanks for anyone who has done this or tried to :}

Wagons are not allowed, I imagine what you are talking about would fall too close to the wagon category to be allowed in.

Actually what OP is probably talking to is far closer to being like stroller than being like a wagon:

Wonder Wheeler

I don’t think that they will allow beach carts - I suppose you could just use a stroller and put the cooler in the seat instead of a kid, but I don’t know what they would say if you didn’t have a stroller-age child with you.

It’s just a slippery slope. Where do they draw the line? I think @brklinck is right. This doesn’t serve the purpose of transporting a guest that can’t otherwise support themselves around the park, as a stroller or wheelchair or ECV does. It’s so you can bring in outside food and keep it cool. Which, technically is not allowed.

I don’t think that a CM would say, “hey, where’s your kid?” if you brought a stroller, but if it has a cooler strapped in it instead of a child, it’s a bit unusual for sure.

The trick is to fly under the radar. The beach buggy would draw a lot of attention.

One other thing to consider: Even if they let you bring it in, you have to park it with the strollers. That means you leave it, your cooler and any other things out of your sight while you are on rides. If this doesn’t bother you, then you could try it.

As for the stroller with no toddlers, I don’t think a stroller would be a problem. When my mom used to come with us before she was ready to need a walker, she used to push one of the kids in a stroller. She said it helped her with stability. As the kids aged out of the stroller, she still used it for support and we just put other things (purse or purchases or bottles of water) on the seat for some weight. No one said anything. But it still has to be parked and that can be a pain if you’re running to get in a line.

There are cooler backpacks, maybe that would be allowed? Also then you’d be able to keep it with you instead of parking it for every ride like you have to do with a stroller.


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Thank you everyone for your input. i purchased a backpack soft side cooler at target and will go with that. We haven’t been since the kids were in strollers and it was great to pack a cooler underneath with waters/juices and snacks! headed down tomorrow, can’t wait!