Can I book this FP

So say i’m in HS in the AM and i’m heading to EP in the PM.
I’ve used all 3 of my FP in HS but am curious to see are there any TT or Soarin FP for the PM left.

Do I have to go all the way over to a kiosk in EP to see OR can I look online first to see if there are any available before I go over.


unfortunately, you have to actually go to Epcot.

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and i can’t see the availability of it before i go on MDE

Do soarin and TT FP usually go like 7dmt or toy story or do they have some left over.

It’s now about 1720 EDT, and depending on which park you are in, fpp options are dwindling.
DHS has them for worthless shows like Muppets, American Idol, and Fantasmic.

Epcot still has exciting availability in tier one for living with the land, no tier two availability for mission space or the character meet.

AKL doesn’t have anything for Everest, KRR, or safaris.

Magic kingdom has evening availability for everything but Splash, space, the mine train, msep, wishes viewing, and Anna and elsa

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@keithloveswaffles how do you check to see what FFP are open at all the parks for a given day? Do you just check a day you don’t have FFP booked for?

Exactly. It gives a warning if you already have your max selected, but add long as you don’t hit confirm, it won’t save them

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Thanks. Still trying to figure everything out for our trip in September :slight_smile: