Can I book hotel at WDW, but purchase discounted tickets off-site? How does this affect FP+?

Through my job, I can get discounted WDW park tickets.

I have a couple of questions about this:

  1. Can I book only my on-site WDW hotel through Disney, and use the discounted park tickets I purchase online?

  2. If so, can I link these discount tickets before my trip so I can still make fastpass+ reservations 60 days in advance?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yes. You link in MDE. It’ll open with reservation. HTH

Awesome! And by linking, I could still make 60-day advance FP+ reservations since we will be staying on site?

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Yes! Think of it as checking two boxes. You entered your ticket info into MDE, so they know you have a valid ticket. That means you can get FP+. Box one checked. Box two is that you are staying onsite, that gets you 60days advanced booking.


Check out all the details on the discounted tickets. Most of these work-discount programs end up being more expensive than places like Undercover Tourist after you add in fees and taxes.