Can I add my CLP time to TP?

I am working on my Epcot TP. I added CLP to it, and it shows all 3 showtimes but we know we’re attending the 6:45 show as we have a dining package. Is there a way to force it to pick that one?

Click on your preferred time and it should use that when you optimize.

I’m having same issue. Have ADR including a CLP time of 5 pm. The TP won’t let me click on my preferred time for CLP. Every time I optimize, it moves my CLP to a different time from what I need.

Same here

Hmmm. It worked when I first made my touring plan after reserving the CLP dinner package. Now that I am revisiting after making FFPs, it won’t let me select a preferred time for CLP or voices of liberty. I’ve been playing around with it with evaluate rather than optimize because mine moves it from 8:15 to 5! I think there may be something not working right.