Can I add a person to my free Dining reservation after the window has closed?

Sorry to ask this here but the wait on Disney CS was over 45 minutes. Does anyone know if you can add a person to your free dining reservation after the booking window has closed? We are wanting to take my niece with us and have space in our room

I have added and deleted a person from my reservation for free dining in the past. If she is over 18 there will be a nightly charge.

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Thanks, when I went to do it online they wanted me to re-book the entire thing and lost the free dining plan.

Edit this should say we would then lose the free dining

Hmmm. That should not have happened. You should have been able to add a person no problem if all else on the reservation stayed the same. Although it is unlikely they can do anything, I would call in and see what they can do.

They have been getting stricter about rebooking if the dates change especially, going by reports on various forums. Wouldn’t totally surprise me if the same were true of adding guests.

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They are strict. We added a day to one of our reservations (should be a good thing for them) and we could not modify it in any way, without calling them.

You should not have rebooked?

I did not rebook. I just canceled out. I will see if we can add her on the phone, otherwise we will just buy her tickets from a third party and have her stay in our room. That will probably be cheaper anyways. But we will have less meal credits, but oh well

Why not call? Or do online chat?

I did online chat, and now have to call. The wait was long this morning. I will try at lunch and let you know. I just didn’t want to wait on hold if you guys knew I would not be able to do it.

Thanks for your help, I am encourage to know, they have let you add in the past.

They would not let me add her.
I might try to call again tomorrow and see if I get another answer. They don’t seem real consistent.

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What is their reasoning? You are not adjusting days.

He said the booking window for that has closed. If I want to add her, I will have to pay the full amount.
I asked for her or the entire party. He said the entire party.
He apologized. No other reason given.

I would call back.

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I am planning to.
We have had really bad experiences this year with reservations and modifying them.
I don’t know if it is all the loop-hole closing they are doing or what, but during the booking window we had to make 4 calls to add a day to our reservation. I also had to call to upgrade to DDP. I keep having to beg them to take more of my money. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: