Can I add a person at Rose and Crown at the podium?

WDWToday listeners will know what I mean by this: can I “pull a Len” at Rose and Crown? My husband’s restaurant request for our summer trip is to try to see Illuminations from R&C. Both on the website and on the phone, at the moment our window opened, I can only get reservations for 4 and we need 5. I took the 4. What do you think? Can I add the last person when we check in? Is there some reason this restaurant doesn’t allow tables of 5?

You can always try. It may just take a little longer for you to be seated as they have to figure out a new table. 5 is the same as 6 people when it comes to some restaurants due to the tables used and the layout.

What this “means” is that you currently have a 4-top and all of the 6-top tables (needed for 5) are taken. You can try to add at the podium, but the answer may be “no”. I think best case is that you will have to wait, and you will probably NOT get your choice of seats…

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Did you try to book for six?