Can guest services give out sympathy FPPs?

So I’ve booked Disney After Hours at AK. Yay.

It’s on my arrival day. My (international) flight arrives at 4pm. I’m planning on travelling to ASMo by DME. DAH starts at 8.30pm and ends at 11.30pm. I should be OK.

However, suppose things go catastrophically wrong and I miss the entire thing.

If I threw myself at the mercy of guest services, do you think they’d give me an FPP for FOP? On the basis I gave them $125+tax and got nothing for it. And I’m just one little guy taking up hardly any room in the FPP line.

Is that the sort of thing they do? I feel like it would be.

I’m just making my contingency plan for if things do go wrong.

I know CM’s can give out anytime FP’s, but don’t think they’re good for FOP or SDD Or 7DMT. Maybe someone else could confirm.

There are different types of anytime FPPs, there are some that do not exclude FOP and SDD. We had some in October in exchange for our cancelled EMM at MK. We used them for 3 in a row SDD.


Thanks for clarification

Not a problem. It was a question we were sure to ask guest services when they were providing compensation. Wanted to make sure the big rides were not excluded. Ours were restricted to a certain day, but good for any ride in any park.

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Shouldn’t be a problem. We got 3 anytime Fastpasses each after an incident where a server spilled a whole pitcher of OJ down my back at Trattoria - they were for Studios that same day but we ended up not going as DH wasn’t feeling well. I went to Guest Services at MK the next day and they changed them to MK ones for that day, so we went on the Mine Train four times in a row (already had one set of FPs booked), much to DD’s delight. It was our last day, so ended up being the perfect end to the trip!

On our first Great Disney Adventure in 2015 with 30 people, we went to guest services because we were a little upset that the four rooms were not all near each other. Two were completely separate from the others and two were across the hall from each other. In the whole scheme of life it wasn’t a big deal, but we wanted to express our disappointment none the less. They gave us 3 anytime FP for the whole group, and refunded us the value of our meal plan (my family only). They have the power to do amazing things to make your stay magical. All you need do is ask politely and be kind.

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Agree with @dianelynn. They have the power to do whatever they want. I feel sure they would give you a FPP for any ride for any day if (and I am sure you are) are polite about it.

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