Can EMM be cancelled?

Can EMM reservation be cancelled and refunded? The website says that tickets are non-refundable, but I think I’ve heard of people booking multiple options and then cancelling one once their plans are firm, like ADRs.

Does anyone have experience with this and know if you can cancel? Thanks!

Yes, you can cancel. This is the policy copied from my reservation, "There is a 1 day cancellation policy. Full price will be charged / forfeited if Guest cancels within 1 day or no shows for the reservation. "

So I guess that means if you are outside 24 hour window you cancel and get a refund.

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Perfect. Thank you!

Yes, even though you prepay, it’s just like any other ADR. I have successfully booked and cancelled EMM. We decided on MNSSHP instead.

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A related, but different question.

I have an ADR for BOG for 6 people at the same time as EMM. I now want to split the group and have 3 attend EMM and 3 continue with the BOG reservation.

Is there a way to do this without having to cancel the ADR and try to quickly rebook it? My mom is in group 2 (BOG ADR) and I’ve set up an MDE account for her. Can I somehow more the ADR over to her first?

You could just leave the ADR as it is. There’s no problem if only 3 people show up, and no one is tied to it, with the exception of whoever makes it - i.e.: you.

The only potential issue is that it’s in your name. I assume you are no longer going, so they just need to give your name if they ask. Only you could change it.

OK this means another group of 2 or 3 can’t book. So you could phone the Dining line and ask them to change the number on the reservation.