Can each person in the group book their own SD FPP?

WARNING: It is May 28th 2020 and this post has NOTHING to do with Disney reopening and how to handle it. No hot takes here!

Question: I am traveling with a group of 8 adults. I will be making the pre-trip FPP selections for the whole group, so I plan to add them to my MDE list of family & friends. Once we’re in the parks, grabbing same day FP, will there be any issues with each individual grabbing a Same Day FP while logged into their own MDE app?

While we’re all together in the parks, I imagine I’ll try grabbing FP for all 8 of us (do you suggest splitting into 2 groups of 4 and searching for overlapping FP?) but if we split up, I’d like each couple to be able to select their own as needed. I don’t want to add them to my MDE if it’s going to cause problems later on. Thanks!

If each person has their own MDE account, then that person can make their own indvidual FPP reservations They can also add friends and family to the selections as well.

There will be no problem at all with them booking their own. They just need their own MDE account.

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Thank you for posting something that is not whining about how WDW moved their cheese.


Fabulous… and done!

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:grin: I have so many questions in my head I can’t wait to ask all my liner buddies!! I’m similar to a 4 year old: I ask a lot of questions and can’t contain myself sometimes.

I woke up this morning wondering if it was appropriate to ask questions about my June 2021 trip while others are having a hard time wrapping their brains around summer 2020… buuuut I’m about to add my friends to my MDE list so I couldn’t wait!!

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They need tickets on the mde account too.

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We’re all staying at the same resort, same park days, same everything. I’m literally booking all of it for them, so it’s all identical. Only thing I’m NOT doing is paying for them :wink: I’m like the Mama Bear of the Disney group… but want to make sure the cubs can book some FP’s while in the parks in case they get brave and want to do it themselves.

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Very kind of you!

I just wanted to clarify as you can book ADR’s without tickets and this trips people up sometimes.

Nothing wrong with planning ahead!!

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That was such an awful book…