Can DAS overlap with FP+?

I understand that with FP+ you get a 1-hour window that cannot be overlapped with another FP. My nephew is eligible for DAS (cognitive) and i’m wondering - for example - if they use a 10:00am FP+ at 10:10am, can they use DAS to head to a Tier 1 FP+ attraction before 11:00am? Or will they have to fill the time until 11:00am? I hope this question is making sense … my head is spinning!!

I can’t answer specifically, but I do know that generally they are not likely to let you in EARLY for a FP, but they will often let you in LATE.

In other words, if you have an 11:00 FP, then showing up at 10:50 means you have to wait until 11:00. However, if you don’t make it in the window…let’s say you get there at 12:30…they are much more forgiving and will let you go anyhow.

Of course, there are probably exceptions and times when any individual CM may choose otherwise.

i appreciate that ryan ~ but my question is really about DAS (Disability Access Service).

DAS in combination with FP+ for two different attractions …

DAS doesn’t give special privileges in terms of ride times. So the question of timing really only applies to the FP itself. Rather, DAS is offering an alternative way of waiting.

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ok, so i think what you’re saying is, you’re locked into the FP+ hour and the DAS must be used (for whatever other attraction) outside of that hour … yes?

Yes you can go and get a DAS return time at any time. It will be for the current standby time minus 10 minutes. Completely different system to FPs.

No he’s saying the opposite. Using DAS is essentially riding standby. You’re just waiting somewhere other than the line.

thanks, missoverexcited … is the “current standby time” the regular wait time? TP shows the projected wait for Test Track to be 65 minutes. So DAS would only cut that down to 55 min in a separate line? i’m sorry – i find this all very confusing …

The idea is that you still have to wait, just not in line. (Not really a ‘separate’ line.)

DAS isn’t meant to get you onto rides faster than everyone else, only to get you onto rides in the same amount of time without having to actually stand in the standby line.


What I think you are asking, is if you can hold a DAS and FP+ for two different rides at the same…I believe you can.

This is how I think it works:
You are holding a FP+ for TSMM for 11:30am. On the way there, you walk up to Slinky Dog at 11am and ask for a DAS. Wait time is posted (not the TP predicted time) at 90 min. Your DAS return time will be at 12:20pm (return minus 10min). You then can go over to TSMM, use your FP+, grab a snack/go to the bathroom, and then go to Slinky Dog for your 12:20pm return time.


Ah. Yes. If that was the original question, that answer is perfect. :slight_smile:

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ok, i think that makes sense … my understanding is that you go to Guest Services when you first enter the park to access the DAS? not at the ride itself.

also … if FP has run out for the day, can you still use the DAS? thanks to TP, i think they will literally only need to use the DAS just ONE TIME on their first day. The rest of the waits, with FP etc will not be too much for him. It’s just Test Track that’s giving me a headache …

Go to guest services at the first park you visit with your entire party. Explain to them specifically why your nephew needs the DAS…not just diagnosis. So for my son, I won’t just say that he is on the autistic spectrum but I will say that he is unable to stand in line for long periods of time due to auditory sensitivity and anxiety.

You do not need a doctor’s note or letter, just a clear explanation as to why they cannot stand in lines.

The CM will then take pictures (I know it is of the person w/ the DAS, I’ve heard mixed feedback as to if the rest of you need them too) and match your nephew’s DAS designation w/ the rest of your party so you can all ride together. I know there is a limit on how many can be in the party, but I’m not sure what the limit is.

Once you go through this process at Guest Services, you can then use the DAS at any of the parks for your stay (there is a limit of days too but it was far past our 8 days so I didn’t note the number).

We will be going through this process for the first time next month, I can give you better feedback after our trip!

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VERY HELPFUL, Minnie! your son sounds a lot like my nephew, so this is very helpful. there are only four of them on this trip, and they’re only in the parks for 4 days, so they should not run into any limitations. thank you so much!! ENJOY your trip!!

actually, they are also going next month (July 19-23)!

Thx, I may be more excited about it than the kids are!

I should also add, that the person holding the DAS has to actually ride the ride. …which makes sense but I wanted to include the info.

My son will NEVER ride Everest. We do plan on my dd and I riding and we will get a FP+ for each of us and ds will wait in line w/ us, then use the chicken exit and wait at the exit while we ride. We cannot use the DAS and do this.

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LOL the “chicken” exit hahaha … i did that on Tower of Terror. as much as my nephew is not great with new places, crowds and noises, he loves thrill rides (which shocks me) so they’re very blessed with that ~ all 4 of them will go on EVERY ride! Single rider line was also beneficial for Everest. :slight_smile:

Yeah, ds has pretty severe vestibular issues…basically his brain doesn’t know where his body is in space. If his feet aren’t planted on the ground, his brain thinks he is in danger of injury or death! As a toddler he couldn’t even stand playground swings.

After years of occupational therapy he does really great day to day now, but thrill rides will probably never be something he will enjoy, or even tolerate.

We actually ranked all the thrill rides in respect to the “thrill factor” yesterday and where his comfort level for riding. Basically below Space Mountain and above Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We are ranking SDD and 7DMT under BTMR (which he has ridden before, but not eager to ride again)…I’m hopeful he will be okay on them.