Can Animal Kingdom still be done in one day since Avatar land has opened?

I’m headed to Disney world the first week in Dec and I’ve currently planned to do two days at animal kingdom, but I’m thinking about converting one of the days to an extra day at the Magic Kingdom. It just me, my DW, and DD4. We want to make sure we do the avatar stuff along with standard headliners at AK. I guess my question is there really enough stuff at AK to justify a full two day tour there? I’ve looked at the pre-made touring plans and there aren’t any for multiple days so I sorta feel like I’d be wasting a day there. What do you guys think?

You can do everything you need still in a day - especially with a fastpass for FOP if you can get one

But if you are like us you will want to go back and do FOP again!

So maybe a day and a half day!

thanks, I’m on the fence about doing a park hopper, there really is only one day I’d need it and it just doesn’t seem like it’ll be worth it. I think I’m going to limit AK to one day and spend 3 days at MK since it’ll give us more time to do the true classics.

The best thing to do is make a Persinalized TP with everything you want to do at AK and Optimize it to see how it works out. I could easily spend 2 days at AK, but a lot of it really depends on what you want to do and how much time you want to spend on non-timed attractions.

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We have yet to go, but can let you know for sure after next week! On planning our AK day, it is one full day. I had difficulty fitting in shows. I would like to see them all but had to give up flights of wonder just due to timing based on our our FFP times. We got FP for FOP but of course you take whatever time you get and work that into your plan which kind of turned everything around for us. If we had the time we would go back for another half day to do FOP again and see the shows we missed. Also, it sound like there are great places to eat there so could fit in another nice meal on a AK half day as well!

To my mind AK has the best, most immersive theming of all the parks. To take it all in and appreciate it you need more than a day. However if you want to see Pandora, do the rides and maybe see a show, then the TP will help.

Now TP allots 20 minutes for each of the Maharajah Trek and Gorilla Falls; I always allow 40 minutes for Gorilla Falls, as I love watching the hippos swimming (never seen them swim elsewhere), and when those tiger cubs are on view that’s going to add time there too!

So it depends on you, what you want to do and how long you want to spend doing them.

For me, it would be 2 days. For others it could still be a half day, to ride FoP, Naavi, EE, Safari and Dinosaur, maybe Kali.