Camping at the happiest place on earth?!?

I recently started looking into tent camping at disney world. We have a big trip coming up in may where we are staying a BCV for 8 nights. I realized today that we could probably afford to go twice if the second trip was one where we tent camped. DH says I’m crazy and thinks it will be gross, dirty and hot (depending on when we would go and we aren’t sure yet). So am I crazy? Has anyone ever tent camped at disney before?

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Yes! Technically. We have a teardrop trailer which is essentially a tent on wheels.

FW is an excellent campground. The bath houses are super clean with great showers and toilets. They also require a MB to enter. So no critters make their way in.

The sites themselves are lovely. You even still get the magic Disney treatment. We came back to Mickey ears made of pine cones one day.

As far as the temp, that is the downfall. I camped in June last year. It. Was. Hot.

That being said, kind of depends on how you tour. Do you spend a lot of time in your room? If so, then yes it is very frustrating to not have a cool place to go relax. If you are a family that tends to stay out all day, though, it may not be as much of a problem. My husband likes to go back for breaks - so he was not a fan. I wake up for rope drop and, even when taking breaks, tend to use the break to explore or eat a meal at another resort. So it didn’t bother me at all for us to not have a/c where we were officially staying. I was only every in the trailer to sleep.

The only other downfall is FW is huge. So you will likely use your car. For MK we did use the campground busses to get to the ferry. For EP and HS we drove to the area where the busses pick up. For AK we drove to the park (Pandora had just opened so I wanted complete control over my arrival time). It is also really popular for people to rent golf carts to get around FW for the week. Also very cute.

Let me know if you have other q’s. There is also a massive forum for people interested in FW. I used it a lot for questions specific to FW. Think it is called friends of fort wilderness.


Where is this forum?

And it is fiends not friends. They have tons of resources and a very helpful community.

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There are so many rain and thunderstorms in the summer (and I think the fall too). What do you do when you’re tent camping and there’s a thunderstorm?

Just don’t touch the tent walls :slight_smile:

Since it was warm/hot, we didn’t have a problem staying dry even when it rained a little. Since it is usually afternoon showers, the sun always came back out to dry everything. We even had towels hanging out one day and they dried out pretty quickly after a rainstorm.

Always a risk though, but for people who camp it’s just part of the territory. You work around it.

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Awesome, thank you!!