Campground already booked up!

I went to book a long weekend camping trip and there are NO sites available in October for the weekend we’re planning to travel. Are they really booked up this far out, or do you thing some will open up closer to my dates? We’re a family of six, so we don’t fit at a lot of hotels and this was a way for us to afford to sneak in an extra trip while we have APs. Disappointed…

The sad truth is a lot of people will book the campsites because they are the cheapest and even booking one night lets you book FPP 60 days out for the length of your ticket, and gets you free magic bands. I’d be surprised if they were booked up this far with people that actually intend to sleep in a tent. Have you considered offsite? You can book some pretty nice houses that would easily fit six for about the price of a value. I know booking two rooms starts to get expensive.

That’s so sad. Disney should just start a virtual campground so @SeahawkFan1 can camp!

I wonder what there cancellation rate is at 30 days now? Between that and free magic bands, its definitely easy to abuse

I just checked, and found multiple classes of campsite available though out October. Where you searching for an AP discount, or free dinning, which I think are not offered with camping.

I suggest you clear your cookies and try again, or try calling. Sometimes, a CM on the phone works better than the website.

I’ll try again @stuckinbmode. Maybe something will show up. We’re looking at 10/22 or 23 through 10/26 if you see those dates open. We’re doing an off site home in August with some more of our family. We really want to do the campground to enjoy the campfire and the atmosphere as much as the parks. We love to camp, but have never done it at Disney before. Hopefully it’s going to work out. I may try calling tomorrow as well.

Crazy- when I searched for 10/23 check in, 10/26 check out, nothing available, but if I extended my dates to 10/22 check in, 10/27 check out, there was availability. I booked the longer dates and I’ll call to change when I get a little closer and we’re sure of our plans. Yay!!!