Cameras and Video use phone or use actual camera?

I have a Samsung S5, DH has S6 and DS has iPhone 5. Would you rather use the phone or used an actual camera that takes pics and video? My phone takes awesome pics but video quality not great. Could be that I do not have setting right. If you would use an actual camera what is the best that does not cost and arm and leg.

Last trip and cruise I only used iphone6

I would be lost without my DSLR camera. I’m a photography hobbyist (you might even say semi-professional) and taking pictures is half the fun for me when I go to WDW. With a LOT of PhotoShop work I can get my iPhone pics to look close to my DSLR pics, but they’re just not the same. The limiting factor on a phone camera is not the number of pixels it can capture, but rather the lens. Although they are getting better, a 1/4" camera lens will NEVER give as sharp a picture as a dedicated camera lens. Even a small point and shoot camera will have a better a better lens system than a phone.

Although at one time I took quite a few videos at the park (pre-cell phone years), I do VERY little video now. My Cannon D300S has a video option, and if there is a video I want to shoot, I’ll use that. The biggest issue I would have with using a phone for video is the amount of space they take up on a phone memory card. With my camera, I have essentially unlimited storage and battery life; my phone is limited on both accounts.