Calling Saratoga Owners!

If I have a Saratoga springs contract, will studios be available 7 months out at places like Boulder Ridge? Or the Polly? for months like early June or mid March?

I think any DVC owner can answer this! I’ll take a crack at it:

Whether studios are available at 7 months depends entirely on the time of year you’re looking at and the resort you’re considering. Studios are always the first to sell out at any resort because they are so points-affordable. Thanksgiving/Christmas are always going to be tough everywhere, as will the Epcot area resorts during festivals and runDisney events. I’ve read that even owners have a hard time getting studios at the 11mos mark at CCV (not sure if that’s still true, but was true in the past). Early June is the start of the busy summer season, and mid-March is always insanity due to Spring BreakChances are good that you’ll be able to find something at 7 months (typically SSR and OKW at least) but may need to be open to anything that’s available and possibly a split stay as well.

If there’s somewhere specific you want to be able to stay at often, you should consider buying there for 11mos advantage.

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I am so glad you decided to pop in here!

As @OBNurseNH said, some studios are very hard to book even at 11 months. Some are usually available (you can usually find something at SSR, OKW, and AKL).

I like this site

Look at the availability charts!

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I’ve owned at Saratoga since 2014 & have used my points at: Animal Kingdom, OKW, Aulani, Vero Beach, Bay Lake Tower, Boardwalk & I have Grand Floridian booked at the end of this month. Some of these I made at the 7 month mark & others like my upcoming Grand Floridian trip I booked about a month ago. If I have a trip that I know I will need a room for, such a race weekend, I always book what I need at Saratoga. For this past January’s marathon weekend I waitlisted myself for BLT studio & got it.

I will say that you can’t always get the exact category that you want. For Bay Lake, I had Lake View. Standard is less points, so harder to get & theme park view is also harder to get. It was the same with Aulani. Also, I could only get a 1 bedroom at Aulani, but we booked only a month or so in advance.