Calling Disney on the phone

I’m thinking about booking a VIP tour and the only way to book these is to call. I tried first thing this morning and was told by the automated voice that the hold time would exceed 90 minutes!

Doesn’t inspire confidence!

Am trying again now. The wait is apparently down to 45 minutes. Though I don’t really know what’s happening as there’s no hold music playing, just silence.

Call on a weekday late morning or early afternoon.

Apparently there is no hold music. On my third attempt I was told there was a 30 minute wait. That turned out to be accurate. After 30 minutes of silence, a voice popped up on the line.

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I’ve always had disney music on hold. Glad you finally got through.


I think some of the reservation lines do not have hold music which is a little good and a little bad. I always put my phone on speaker and go about my (nearby) business until my call is answered (presumably in the order in which it was received :wink: )

I think however the issue is - if you are booking VIP - a HUGE profit center - there seems to be very little V in it if you have to wait 90 minutes to make the reservation. Disney needs to get their act together.

Agreed – and the woman I finally got to speak to was unimpressive, too. She didn’t seem to know much about the package, and at one point gave me wrong information. She seemed totally focussed on getting my details and taking a booking, which I was not ready to make.

As you say, they must make a huge profit on these tours. Apparently it’s 20 people per group at around $300 each. You’re not getting front-of-queue access like at Universal, just Fast Pass.

Disappointing CS experience all round.

I had just the opposite at US. I needed some things - and although we weren’t staying Concierge - I was able to get some concierge services with no issue at all. Disney is in a “oh well - I have 20 people behind you who will pay” attitude.