Calling comic book fans!


Any of you pick up the Figment comic book? What did you think?



Doesn't that cover bring a tear to your eye? Dreamfinder guys and gals! Dreamfinder!


I've seen it in the parks, but haven't checked it out yet. I loved Disney Kingdoms Seekers of the Weird miniseries (1-5). With designs based on Rolly Crump's Museum of the Weird artwork, and lots of little nods and winks to DSI.


Thanks for the recommendation @roguepixel! I'll add that to my back issue want list. I missed that the first time round!


Diving way back into the comic book vault for my favorite Disney related comic today. Way back in 1992 Walt Disney Publications published a comic book format of the movie. The drawings were beautiful, the format was like a soft cover book, tough for little hands to handle and overall a very pleasing comic book. Unfortunately it's hard to find one nowadays
so if you get your hands on one... Enjoy!


How did I miss this post 5 days ago @quicha? I'll scan a couple later this morning. I haven't actually picked up the new ride-related comics yet, but I've looked through them at our local comic shop. The Space Mountain one looks fun.

I've been planning to go back and buy some of the original Big Hero 6 compilations before the movie comes out in November. I hope they release some new editions of the originals. Sometimes Disney pulls all the originals and puts out their own movie tie-in ones instead. Guardians of the Galaxy was kind of like that. It's annoying. They could make so much money if they made the originals more easily available.


I really loved the Figment series. Really great re-imagining of the characters in a fun origin story, that is tons of Easter eggs and direct nods. I'm actually going to try and interview the writer at New York Comic Con this weekend.


According to the screenwriter (Nicole Perlman) on this podcast, her interpretation of the GOTG universe was based strongly on the 2008 series. The 2013 reboot is also pretty great!


Gotta say the Fantagraphics Mickey Mouse collections are absolutely fantastic (and non-PC at times -- chuckle). These are the originals from the 20's and 30's, when Mickey, Minnie, and the gang were still finding their place in the world.

I'm a huge fan of anything Carl Barks did with Donald and Uncle $crooge (Don Rosa's stuff is also top notch). Without their work, we'd never have DuckTales (fun, but nowhere as good as the comics).


( Pretty sure this is the only time I've seen Mickey wielding a pistol, or trying to hang himself after being distraught over a breakup with Minnie ... )


That 2008 series has really inflated in value for obvious reasons. Early august the whole run would cost you $50, now $300 is a good price. (my BiL spent Boston Comic Con tracking it down. Luckily he bought the entire run of Howard the Duck in July).

it looks like the upcoming Age of Ultron has NOTHING to do with the recent mini-series of that run, so don't really go looking for that. Infinity Gauntlet is almost definitely where you want to look for upcoming MCU plots, but thats fairly easy to get, especially in Trade Paperback form.


I read Infinity Gauntlet way back in the day, but would love to pick up a copy for my boys now. It's so expensive! angry I also remember the various Guardians of the Galaxy characters from different books over the years.


As for Disney comics, our current favorites are the Muppet short series. We have Muppet Snow White and Muppet Peter Pan. They're very good.


CLearly I need to head to our comic book store pronto! We've got the first seekers but not the rest of them. Should have been on the ball to finish the series.


Yes, that series is awesome! I have the 6 weekly volumes and the 2 Sunday volumes. Knowing how long Floyd Gottfriedson was doing the Mickey comics, I'm guessing there will be close to 40 volumes by the time they get it finished...

I also have the "Mickey Mouse in Color" coffee table book that was released in the late 80s, co-authored (and autographed) by Gottfriedson and Barks...


Spoke to a couple of people behind Figment this weekend at NYCC. Great guys, really loved working on the project. The Disney Kingdoms series is continuing, but they couldn't say more. They do want to do more with the Figment series, and given sales they think they might come around to it again.


As the next Mickey volume isn't due out until May 2015, I just ordered the first volume of the Fantagraphics Complete Carl Barks Library from Amazon; it's gotten good reviews. I've always liked Mickey better, but Barks is arguably the better storyteller and illustrator. The complete Another Rainbow Carl Barks Library is available from several e-bay sellers - but the 10/30 volume set ranges from $1500 - $4000...


I love the ducks. Donald has always been my favorite of the fab five. But regardless of that I think Carl Barks was a genius. I still remember reading "a christmas in shacktown" (I think that's what it was called, it was a very sad christmas story but sheer Barks genius), and that was over 35 years ago! Ah, good memories! I think I'm going to have to join you in buying that volume @bswan26!!


The first volume that was released (number 5 in the final collection) is under the title "Lost in the Andes". The third released (number 11 in the final collection) features "Christmas in Shacktown". Each volume (of the projected 30 volume collection) features 4 "long" stories, 8-9 "short" stories, and a number of 1-page "gag sheets". Approx 220 full-color pages at a little ove $20 (on Amazon) is not a bad deal. I expect to get my first volume later this week - I'll give a review...