Calling Belleficent- graduation situation

Belleficent- I’m sorry your thread got shut down. I know that you work for my company(or 1 similar) & I know that what you described has happened there b4. So, just wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear that happening.

Also, just hang in there. Stupid company… But of course some times we love it too. At least I hope you still do.

I also liked that another Liner shared missing her/his child’s MS graduation, and it was ok after all. So that helps.

I’m not over here on Forum much, but just wanted to be supportive.

Tagging @Belleficent for you!

Thanks so much @stazastarfish and for the tag, @larrielaine! Yeah - less than two months into new job and they have assigned a new customer / high profile project to me which requires me to be at customer premises for alpha trial. I love that they have comfidence in me to give me the opportunity and responsibility to take this on. It’s just the timing that bites. And really it’s the customer - we’ve been asking for weeks when this was going to start and only gotten “don’t know yet” as a response. @LTinNC82 shared a great story, and it did help! I’m on my lunch break now, I think I’ll watch some funny animal videos (smile). Thanks again!

That sucks.

And by that I mean missing the graduation. As a mom I am tearing up for you. I feel badly enough that I have to skip the dinner out after my DD middle school graduation because if work. I can’t imagine if I had to miss the thing itself. That is horrible and I feel so sad for you.

It also sucks that your thread was locked. I’ve seen several NDR threads NOT get locked recently. Apparently serious illness and other such difficult situations are not lockable (not taking away from those posts or the seriousness of those situations, just citing the inconsistency). I’m glad you can be replied to here. Which I guess is the point but again the inconsistency gets my feathers ruffled.

Ditto what OB said. I’m glad the interwebs helped ease your mind for a little bit. I honestly don’t remember if I had a middle school graduation or not. In a few years that won’t matter anyway. Adulting is so hard sometimes!

I was a middle school principal for many years. Please know that it is ok! Many parents cannot make it to the ceremony!

My husband will not be able to make our DD’s 8th grade graduation due to his work schedule. It’s actually better, we only get 5 tickets, this was my parents can come.

She was a bit bummed, but we are about to get some major AP upgrades, so a trip to disneyland will soften the blow.

It’ll be okay. We didn’t even go to my oldest sons 8th, he didn’t tell anyone about it!!! Gahhhhhh.

@OBNurseNH, I thought the same about NDR, but I have seen a LOT lately and understand the admins just have to do what they have to do. Glad to have the forum to chat freely! Sorry you will miss your DD grad dinner! Adulting stinks sometimes, for sure!

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@LTinNC82, I am old enough that I know we didn’t have MS graduation, LOL! Thanks for sharing the story, it made me smile. I know in the whole big scheme of things, DS won’t be upset about it. It will bother me more than him.

@PrincipalTinker, that’s a great point that I hadn’t thought about. I’ve been blessed to be able to attend most of my kids stuff - it woukd be really hard not to have had thise opportunities!

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@JuliaMc, I’m glad that there is a silver lining for your DH missing the event! I told DH he willhabe to record it, so at least I’ll be able to see it afterwards. :slight_smile:

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Belle, glad you’re feeling better about it. I like your positive attitude about shutting down NDRs as well.

Silly company. Darn customers. Been there. Hopefully your manager is more understanding than the one we got stuck with just few yrs b4 retirement. Sounds like your job will fall nicely into place going forward.

Congrats on the promotion. You’re a good mom and a good employee, company is lucky they have you, with your positive attitude!

So, an update on DS MS graduation - DH went and took some pics & video. DS was fine with my not being there. My boss told me today that the next time I blow off a milestone event like that for work, I will have to meet her in the parking lot, LOL! This company is so different from any I have worked for - they really DO mean it when they talk about work-life balance. So glad I ended up here!


Wow! That is great news!

Wow, Belle, what good news. So glad things worked out so fab both with your kiddo and with the company. Well done!