Calling all Wannabe Tavel Agents!

I decided to bring this question to the forum because it is way too long for chat…

I planned a sister’s vacation for 9/8-9/11/2016 to go to UOR but then I thought, how can I go there without going to WDW!!! So, I just bought 2 tickets for MNSSHP on 9/8 and decided that I want to extend my vacation and maybe go from 9/6-9/11/2016. I am thinking I want to be at WDW from 9/6-9/8/2016 and UOR from 9/9-9/11/2016… fly in for like 10am on the 6th, go to the park (probably HS) and then go to EP on the 7th and on the 8th go to MK for MNSSHP then spend the rest of the vaca at UOR. I really am trying to keep the cost low on this trip because it was a spur of the moment (in terms of we didn’t plan 2 years ahead or at least before 180 days).

Does anyone have any recommendations on best way to get good hotel and ticket prices? I do want to stay on Disney property and when I go to UOR I am staying at the Royal Pacific. I don’t think my dream of keeping the cost of the trip to $1000pp is reasonable anymore (not including flight). Suggestions? TIA!!

Try MVT and see if they have anything left! I got a great price 9-3 to 9-7. Also price Orbitz Good luck

Undercover tourist for the tickets MUST. Just scour the sites. / Orbitz / Call the hotels directly. Although I ripped the SWAN a new one - if you want to be in the middle of everything you can get cheap rates in September - much cheaper than the surrounding WDW hotels and you are on property.

Also check the 3 deluxe at UOR. SOMETIMES the Portafino is CHEAPER than RP - not a lot - but every once in a while.

Also if you open a Starwood AMEX you MAY have enough points to stay at Swan/Dolphin for free

Also don’t get a car use a car service

I am going to second @jec4289 suggestion. I believe Magical Vacations Travel will still have their Labor Day Special- check to see if they do. No dining plan but they also have convention rate tickets.

It depends on what you want! Sometimes spending a little extra is a benefit! Just keep searching! After our last trip I would prefer WDW over UOR :slight_smile: but that’s me :slight_smile: Have fun at MNSSHP! I would love to go again :slight_smile: