Calling all software testers

…Disney needs you!!!

The glitches are unbelievable. I can’t upgrade my tickets to PH for our December trip. Why? Because there are no APRs available for one of the days. Mind you, I have APRs for everyday of our trip. I don’t need an APR. I just want to add Hoppers. But the system won’t let me.

And it won’t let Disney’s own internet support team, either.

The CM I spoke with said this particular glitch was really causing problems this week since there are several days with no remaining APRs. It has caused problems for people upgrading to PH and for people purchasing Genie+.

I have spent 5 hours trying to give Disney my money without success. Currently in a call back queue to talk to yet another ticketing specialist.

If I were this bad at my job I’d be unemployed.


Ridiculous. I understand them not selling new tickets to people if there are no APRs but how they could mess that up so they can’t upgrade tickets I don’t know.

Really is crazy. Ticket specialist unable to help me. At first he said it was because my tickets are from Undercover Tourist and he would be able to upgrade me without losing my discount. Then he wasn’t able to do that and apparently figured out it was because of lack of APR availability. Finally told me to go to GS on arrival and they should be able to do it. I don’t have high hopes of that going well. Total time wasted = 5.75 hours. But I did a heck of a lot of online shopping in that time!

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Nearly 6 hours?? Oh my god, I’d be furious!


I am. But I was very nice. I spoke with three different CMs. Each sounded more exasperated than the next. They are understaffed and stuck with crazy glitches. I feel bad for them. But, seriously, I tried for 6 hours to pay Disney more money. We wouldn’t get PHs but we got a last minute DVC rental and can use Deluxe hours now. I can’t rearrange my APRs and ADRs again so I have to hop. Otherwise I would say “too bad, you lose my upgrade $$” to Disney and just stick with one park.


Oh what a pain in the hiney! Well, you can always spend that money elsewhere I guess… just kidding, don’t give up on the AP!

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And consider that that amount if time you spent tied up their CMs a good amount of time as well, which means by not selling you the PHs, they effectively LOST money by your call, since they have to pay the CMs for that time!


Excellent point.

The last time they did that to me, I whined so vigorously they gave me a bonus FPP for every day of my trip.

This is my plan when I have to stand in line at GS on my arrival day to actually finally upgrade to PH. Hoping for some love on the G+/LL end of things to compensate me for all this time I have lost.

The old quality control saying is just as valid today as it was in the 80s … “You can’t test in quaility, you have to design it into your product”

I can’t imagine the number of boundary cases that would need to be identified and documented so that a software tester could even being to legitamtely test for bugs in MDE. The real issue is that there is obviously no provisions for a qualified CM to bypass these ill conceived validation tests.