Calling all enablers!


Hopefully he’s not got covid. Those tests also have a time limit to read so if there was too much time passed it could invalidate the results too. Praying you can keep your trip with your dad and your son is ok.


My kids all had something a couple weeks ago that wasn’t Covid - negative test. Some had cough, runny nose, vomiting. Hoping it’s the same!

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Test was definitely negative today! Hooray! Trip is still on. 13 days and counting!


That’s great!!




I so much wanted to say this very thing.


I had my own scare a while ago and luckily that was the case with mine.


Let the rollercoaster of emotions continue!

Well, just got a call that a close contact from school of DS4 has tested positive. I schedule a PCR test for him at Walgreens tomorrow afternoon. I have the rest of the family scheduled to test at CVS on Tuesday. Only DS4 and DD9 need to quarantine since they are unvaccinated.


Under current recommendations, only the exposed individual needs to be tested right now. The rest of your family does not. Unless I missed something and somehow the 9yo and the rest of you were also exposed? Are you counting exposure to your 4yo?

Where is that pediatric vaccine already?!

Crossing everything for all of you!!


I believe you are correct. My principal said to presume that DS4 is positive since he is having symptoms unless his test comes back negative. Therefore, our family would be a close contact with him, correct?

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I would check with your medical professionals, and not rely on what the principal is advising. We wouldn’t advise, in my office, to presume anyone is positive based on symptoms, even with probably exposure. And we won’t test anyone who is asymptomatic without a known/documented positive contact.

(Aside: one of the testing companies laid off a huge chunk of their workforce when things were looking better and testing was down. Now they are short staffed and not able to produce tests as quickly as before)

I would give your pediatrician a call and go with what they recommend.


Thank you for the advice!


Our school requires that if a household member has symptoms and is waiting on a test, other kids in the household cannot come to school either. So it may be a school rule or a local DPH rule and not like a CDC recommendation.

ETA: We got bit by taking a rapid test (for symptoms) at our pediatrician’s recommendation, then were told by the school it wasn’t good enough, they needed PCR, and we had to go back for that. So sometimes it can be irrelevant what the pediatrician suggests. … However as a practical matter it is much easier to get tests for any reason here than it was a year ago, when supply was more limited and providers had stricter criteria. Now it is enough for me to say “school requires it” and our providers will do it.

I don’t doubt what you are saying in your area, just saying that it might vary a lot by location and school district or whether you’re at a private school. We are across the country and while the public district has one set of rules, which is more strict than the local DPH requires (thanks to teachers unions), the private schools each have their own custom set of rules (with the DPH requirements setting the floor).

Good luck, OP – I hope you get the negative and it turns out to just be a cold, plenty of which are out there, also.


So I called the doctor. They said to go ahead and have DS4 quarantine and assume that he is positive due to his symptoms and close contact (he played, napped, and ate next to this child all last week). She said it is not a requirement to keep DD9 home but that it is highly recommended to prevent further spread. I moved her appt to Wed so that the pcr is at the 5 day mark. Hopefully we get DS4 results before then. If he’s negative, everyone in our fam can go back to their business.

Also, can I get a weekend to recover from this weekend? :persevere:



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The good news- DS4 tested negative. Yay!

Also, I booked a hot rate deal through Hot Wire- switched from Pop to ASMovies. I saved $320. Yay! Extra souvenir and snack money!

Unfortunately, just got a call that a teacher on my team just tested positive via pcr test. Her fitness instructor got covid and passed it on to her. I sat next to her in a 20 minute meeting yesterday. Now of course, I am concerned about that exposure. Fortunately we were both masked. Hopefully the masks and vaccines will help keep me safe and my trip can go without any more hitches.

7 more days!


You need to lock yourself in a bubble for the next week. Hope you stay negative!


This. All of this.


I wish- as a first grade teacher I am in the opposite of a bubble! I have been wearing NK95 masks so hopefully more protected at least.