Calling all DIY liners- help!

I tried to sauce up our magic bands using a combo of stickers followed by clear nail polish to seal. Just like I had read about everywhere online/Pinterest/etc. Fast forward to last night and I let the kids handle the MBs for two seconds and the stickers are flaking off (they are hard from the polish and when the kids bent the band’s back in the wrong direction they"popped" up). I tried a quick fix of crazy glue but it is to rigid (won’t bend with band). Help! How do I save them? I am devastated. I seriously worked so hard…

Example of the peeling up

Have you tried nail polish remover? I’d try it on a qtip on a very small area just to see how it worked.

You mean to remove everything out just soften?

To remove. I’d cut my losses and hope to go back to original condition, if they were mine.

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I was afraid you might say that. :disappointed: Darn it but thank you!

Sorry. :frowning: it’s sad when projects don’t go right.

I believe that most people use rub on tattoos instead of stickers. The only stickers I know that work for sure are the ones sold as whole wraps. Those are really cute though :unamused: