Calling all disney veterans! How can I improve this plan?

Hi Everyone! Okay - here is my touring plan for day one at MK. I am wondering how I can make this plan better and bring down those longer wait times around mid day? Should I change the order to the plan? Any advice would be appreciated :smile:

Is this plan already optimized?

yes it is

I thought it was strange also that it’s showing over a 30 minute wait for SDMT even though we are planning on being there pre RD after our ADR

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Interesting that it optimized and kept the rides so closely grouped by land; optimization typically has me criss-crossing the park all day…

If those wait times are indeed accurate, I wouldn’t complain; other than 7DMT, you have no waits over 30 min, and many are half of that or less. Personally, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find shorter lines than you have…

Difficult to give advice without being able to modify, but I would try moving my Peter pan FPP until after the haunted mansio to see if that reduces some wit times. Alternatively I would do Peter Pan after your breakfast and FPP 7DMT. I usually copy a plan and them move things around, evaluate and then see if it is better or worse. Some times I do best the oprimiser, but usually it beats me :smile:

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When we went the first week in December, our plan had 7DMT wait at 36 minutes at rope drop. Even though we took a while to get into the park after the Welcome Show and down Main Street, we still only had about a 20 minute wait. And the line looked awful when we first joined it, but we moved right along.

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Forgot to add…I like how your plan minimizes walking…one idea…don’t dawdle before the parade…it gets really crowded really quickly along the route in Frontierland…and its hard to move along the sidewalks once the crowd builds.

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I think also there has been some issues with the plans starting before park opening? It usually messes up that first attraction wait.


If you’re doing BoG pre-rope drop and you’re in line for 7DMT at 8:45, then you’ll get on the ride with no wait. If you arrive a little later, then you’ll end up in line with all the other park guests (who weren’t admitted early) and you could end up waiting 30 minutes. Whether that’s a good idea for you and your traveling party is up to you, but if you are then I’d suggest arriving at MK as early as you can, hoping to get into the restaurant by 8:00am. Pre-order your meal, if that’s an option, and start gathering your group to leave around 8:35, leaving time to stop in the restroom on the way out, any photos you want to take, and anything else that might slow down your exit.

I also don’t think the meet for Ariel will be as long as suggested, so you may be able to sneak in another attraction. I’d consider Peter Pan (if wait time is posted under 20 minutes, since the new queue is worth seeing if that wait is reasonable) or Dumbo (since you’re already planning to see that later in the day). If you can see Peter Pan without FPP, then you’d be able to use that for Big Thunder or Haunted Mansion.

I’d also consider not using FPP for Pirates. First, it breaks down a lot. That could be a good thing, since it means you’d could use the FPP for almost any other attraction if it breaks during your window, but it’s hard to plan for (especially if you want to minimize walking), because the attraction you want to replace it with might not be nearby. Pirates also loads pretty quickly and they can add boats to increase capacity if crowds build, meaning wait times don’t typically get too bad there. Lastly, when the attraction does go down, sometimes you’ll get lucky and be able to ride right when it comes back online. CMs in front of the attraction usually shoo people away (in a polite manner, of course) when the attraction is down, but the clue it’s coming back online soon is when you start to see a crowd build (because the shooing has ceased).


Thank you so much. That was an awesome and insightful post! Heading out tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out :slight_smile:

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