Calling all Creative Liners! Help me celebrate my parents 50th anniversary…

Hey y’all. So, my parents were married in December of 1971 and honeymooned for two whole days at WDW. My mom loves to tell people they stayed in the Garden Wing of the Contemporary for $22 per night.

Anyway… we’ve been planning a 50th Anniversary/ 50th Anniversary (for for my parents and WDW, obviously) for a few years now. The last two
years fouled up our plans a bit because we are traveling this year instead of last, but WDW is still celebrating their 50th, so it still counts.

We’ve got a seven of us in total traveling. The crew is me (age 40), my DH (40), our two kids, (DD7 and DD3), my sister (36) and my parents (74 and 71). I totally want to be those people in the parks. I don’t care if we don’t get any special treatment or whatever, but I would love for at least a couple of people to recognize the cool thing my parents have accomplished. So, in true Disney-fan fashion (no pun intended) we’re doing matching t-shirts.

I’m going to use this svg on the front of everyone’s shirts:


(I’ll probably cut the Walt Disney World and just leave the 50 magical years)

I want to put something on the back of the shirts something like this:

“My mom and dad honeymooned here in ‘71 and now the whole squad’s back for more fun” and then make it a bit different for everyone (i.e my parents shirts will just say “We honeymooned” but my girls shirts will say “My Gigi and Pops honeymooned”.)

The phrasing of this feels too, I don’t know, cheesy? Wordy?

So, what say you, all knowing liners? Do we like this idea? Any suggestions for improvement?


That’s so sweet!!! Not cheesy at all. or maybe cheesy in a really wonderful way. Possibly a bit wordy to have it easily read, but I think breaking into multiple lines would help the readability . I think you could get rid of the words ‘my’, ‘here’, and ‘and’ if you wanted.


Maybe with the 50 magical years on the front you could just put “from honeymoon to golden anniversary” or something similar. I think if it’s too wordy, especially in certain fonts, it will be too hard to read too much. Especially on little kid’s backs.

That’s so awesome though! My parents also celebrated 50 years together in '21 and I’ll be 40 next month.


It’s a lovely idea. Big congratulations to them, that’s amazing!

I’m not creative but I’d also worry about people not reading all the words. I have no ideas about the back. My only thought for the front, as well as taking out the Disney World, is “50 Magical Years Together


I am loving all of these ideas so far! Thank you so much for your thoughts @LTinNC82 and @felicia3333 and @4ljs!

I’m now rethinking the back altogether. I love the “50 magical years together” idea, so maybe super simple for the back as well. I just want something to reference the ‘71 honeymoon.


The Honeymoon Continues
1971 - 2021

If you want to be a bit funny cross out the “1” in 2021 and make it a “2”


That is an awesome idea!

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I like the original shirt idea except it might be taken as Disney’s 50 years rather than your parents’ 50 years.

The honeymoon continues is great because not many with 50th anniversaries in 2021 or 2022 will have honeymooned at Disney.


To incorporate the best ideas I’ve seen…For the parents: on the back:

50 Years of Magic…
50 Years of Marriage!
Honeymoon to
Golden Anniversary
1971-2021 (/2022)

For other family:

Party Crew
Look what 50 years will do!
Happy Golden Anniversary
Gigi and Pops!


Love this! Thank you so much for you input!

I think I might use:

50 Years of Magic…
50 Years of Marriage!
Disneymoon to
Golden Anniversary

For other family:

Party Crew
Look what 50 years will do!
Happy Golden Anniversary
Gigi and Pops! (Or Mom and Dad for my sister and me- just need to figure out what to say for my husband’s shirt!)

And thank you to @janamelia and @Minnie27mouse too, you’ve all been so helpful with this!


Love! :heart_eyes:

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I thought of another shirt idea while dozing/ waking up.

One shirt says “Fifty years of marriage to him”
The other says “Fifty years of marriage to her”

Part way thru my day I realized these are pesonalizable:
Fifty years of wonderful marriage to [*]
Or happy marriage
magical marriage

DH just submitted excellent.

And here I’d have bet he’d go with confusing


eta: 144 Synonyms of MAGICAL | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

This is a lot of fun between the near synonyms and antonyms.

And thinking of various comic strips over the years. :rofl::wink::sunglasses: