California Grill

I was looking at the menu, and holy heck, that is expensive! We have an ADR for our August trip. I’m not sure I want to spend that much on dinner. We love fine dining and eat out in San Francisco often, but the CG prices are over the top. So, those who have eaten there recently, tell me your thoughts about it, please. I’m willing to spend a lot if the food is spectacular.

Lets put it this way - if you are not shocked with SFO prices - but shocked by CG do you really think it will be worth it? The food is very good - but the premium is for the view - especially during fire works.

A bunch of us liners went in May and had drinks, apps and dessert. It was really good and watching the fireworks from the viewing balcony was fun. I think it would be worth it if you really want to eat there.

I made the mistake of going there two nights after Jiko. I thought the food was good. I know many people think that it is the best restaurant (other than Victoria and Albert’s) but I think food wise I prefer Jiko and even Artist Point.

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We went in January and DH & I split an entree, the charcuterie board, 1 sushi roll & dessert. It was DD’s 10th birthday but she still opted to order from the kid’s menu. DH had beer, but DD & I just had soft drinks. The bill was still upwards of $160 I believe.

Service was on par with the cost. When I can remember the waiter’s name, I know it was a good experience. It was Michael. (I still remember the last server we had at Boma 3 years ago too, Jeffrey).

The view was incredible for Wishes. The food was very good. It’s nice to walk out of dinner and not feel bloated and disgusting. Everything was fresh and the portions were what I’d expect from “fine dining”.

I’d go again if the opportunity presented.

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Going for brunch in September and can’t wait. It’s spenny, to be sure, which is why we are doing it as one of our special things on this no-kids trip. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, even when the price doesn’t make sense. Heck, the cost of a 1-day ticket is ridiculous now, but the parks are not empty!


We usually do apps as well and DH will get a roll we also have TIW which helps. It’s an amazing restaurant.

For overall experience, CG is my favorite restaurant in WDW (but not necessarily the one I go to most often). Based on food alone, I would say both Jiko and Monsieur Paul are better. But of course this is all very subjective.

V&A is in a category all to itself and really cannot be compared to any other restaurant in WDW. I’ve eaten in both the “regular” dining room and at the Chef’s Table, and there is nothing else in WDW that comes even close with regards to food quality and service.

When comparing Disney prices to non-Disney prices, Disney is always going to “lose”; it’s the land of the $10 hot dog, $50 steak, and $14 margarita. It’s something you just have to “accept” and move on (or else leave the property and find something cheaper in town). CG provides something that no other restaurant in the entire world provides - a view of the MK,(with or without fireworks). But to put things in perspective, the restaurant on the top of the Space Needle in Seattle has a “similar” menu and a “similar” unique ambiance - and will cost 20-30% more than CG…


I thought it was well worth it. We loved the view (after they tried to seat us looking out over the a/c units on the roof in a nearly empty restaurant, and we politely but firmly requested a different table!) and the service was amazing. Our server (whose name I definitely don’t remember, because I just never remember any names) was spectacular, and went out of his way to recognize my graduation celebration with a champagne toast and a special dessert flourish! The food was amazing, and my foodie friend who was with me on that trip declared that it was his favorite of the trip.

Thank you for all the responses. We’re going to go to CG!

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Did you do the 7 or 10 course meal in the regular dining at V&A?

The “regular” dining room has the 7 course menu. The Queen Victoria room (which I have not been to) has a 10 course menu, similar to the Chef’s Table, but without the level of customization (and an entirely different type of service and setting).

If I’m reading that correctly I think its says both the 7 and 10 are offered in the dining room. But I may be wrong?

The Queen Victoria Room is part of “the dining room” described on the opening screen. When you go to the menus tab, only the 7 course is listed for the dining room; the 10 course is available in the Queen Victoria Room and at the Chef’s Table.

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Ahh thank you for the insight!

I went to the California Grill for the first time for our anniversary this year. It was the best meal I can remember having. The cheese board was OK but I wouldn’t do it again. I would get more bread instead. However the filet with risotto was fantastic, amazing, etc. I loved, loved, loved it. Maybe its just that they were capable of cooking it to my desired temp (medium well) while keeping it juicy. I thought it was well worth it and that was before the fireworks. Those were an added bonus.

Disclaimer: I am not a fine dining afficianado I usually prefer burger joints. LOL

We did the brunch recently, after going back and forth on whether it would be worth it for the price. It SO was. We’d repeat it without hesitation. You will love it!


We’re from NYC and eat out often at home. We ate at CG twice during our summer trip in 2014. With that perspective in mind (frequent access to a wide variety of high quality food at home), we do not plan on returning to CG during our upcoming trip this summer. The food and service was very good but we can get just as good quality at home for less. I’m assuming the same is true for you since you’re from SF. However, the awesome UNCROWDED view of the Wishes fireworks can make the hefty pricetag completely worth it. Being able to have a high quality meal, watch the fireworks from a fantastic vantage point, and then stroll to the elevator to get back to one’s hotel room in the Contemporary instead of fighting the post-fireworks exodus out of MK: Priceless.

Thanks for all the feedback. We’re quite looking forward to it.

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