California Grill watching fireworks

Hi all … I’m 20 days out from making my first ADRs and for our last night Saturday 10th November I wanted something special as it’s also our 20th anniversary and Veterans weekend (I’m ex army). Myself, DW, DD14 and DS5 will be at MK all day having our last lunch at BOG then onto CG later with HEA scheduled for 9pm.

My question is do I book about 7.45pm and ask / pray for a great table or do we eat a bit earlier and go onto the veranda to watch the fireworks with guaranteed views?

Ive read previous advice about saying that I’d be prepared to wait for a table with a view but would hate to be seated at a table with disappointing views and being British we probably wouldn’t say anything and would then be seething and ruin the night …

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You can go out and watch and come back to your table. If you were half way through your steak it might be a bit inconvenient, but it is an option.

If you book for 7:30 you should be about finished the entree, assuming you’re seated on time.


To add, when I was there last August, nearly everyone stepped out to the balcony to watch the fireworks. It was definitely expected, so I wouldn’t worry at all if you’re not seated at a table by the windows. 7:30 is perfect timing. We stepped out after the entree and before dessert.


We had the worst table at CG by far last year. It didn’t even have a view of MK. It was awful. A massive disappointment.

BUT just before HEA we bagged a great spot outside and had a clear, unobstructed view of the fireworks.

This was between our main course and dessert. We just got up, mid-meal, and walked outside.


Remind me again. Are you giving it a second chance this year? :wink:

I would assume that everyone wants a good table at CG at 730 pm so is there any point in asking for one or to wait for one? We are going mid May with a 745 ADR.

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Hi … guess that’s what I want to know but based on the comments unless your dining by a window with ring side seats I guess we go outside … no drama just want to know what to expect

Yes. As well you know!

My CG experience was marred by two things.

First, we genuinely did have a bloody awful table. It literally had a view of nothing. It faced out of the back end of the hotel, with no view at all of MK. Hugely disappointing. The room it was in was also very loud and full of children running around.

Second, my dining companion was not in the best of spirits. She made a huge fuss about her entree, and the whole thing was not conducive to relaxed dining.

My reservation for my upcoming trip is for Sunday brunch. I will politely, but firmly, request a better table. And I will be dining alone. Everyone seems to rave about brunch at CG, so my hopes are cautiously high.


That sounds perfect :ok_hand:t2:

Yea looks like we will do the same

To be honest, I think you’ll prefer to do that even if you get a great table. There’s plenty of room outside, the temperature should be pleasant at that time of night, and you get the full view of everything.

The importance of the table is enjoying the (static) view while you’re eating.


Just trying to plan the best out of every experience … you know how that is lol I’m getting so anal I even googled sunset so I can get an ADR at Sanaa to enjoy the animals then watch the sun go down … all this planning is bringing out the romantic in me :rofl:


Yup. I did that, too :smiley: