California Grill - watching fireworks

I can only get a 9:45 reservation at CG… it’s the night of a MVMCP, so there will be Holiday Wishes… do you know if this time will still work to see fireworks? And if my DH cannot wait to eat that late, would ordering just wine & dessert be frowned upon?

Holiday Wishes is at 9:30, I think. I would check in early, go to the lounge and have a drink and appetizer, then watch fireworks. Keep checking for a better time, even the week of your trip. We got an ADR 24 hours in advance. I suggest sunset, if you can, and a loop on the monorail before fireworks. Magical! If you do keep the ADR, you can order whatever you like. I might tip extra, if just ordering dessert and drinks. You will love it!

@skrimp I actually just booked a 9:25 ADR for CG. I have never been there before. We are also dining during MVMCP. So, if Holiday Wishes is at 9:30, we should either be able to watch from our table or the deck if we aren’t seated yet, right? Not sure what to expect! Thanks.

I’ve had just dessert and wine. The waiters expect people to watch wishes, so they’ll have no problem holding off on a course until wishes is over.

There are a few observation decks that you can head to if you don’t have a window view

Yes @JKS, you’ll be able to watch either seated or the observation deck. I would arrive early, to get a drink and take a look around the restaurant. You could secure your spot on the deck, but there’s plenty of room even if you don’t get there super early.

My only concern for you is that by that time all of the prime seats will have been taken and- maybe- you’ll wind up at a table w no viewing. In the case that you’re seated at a table w/o a view, guessing you can head out to the deck for viewing before starting dinner.