California Grill to Splash Mountain in 30 minutes?

We have dinner at the CG at 7pm and we’ll stay to watch HEA at 9pm. It occurred to me that we might be able to get to Splash Mountain immediately afterwards. I got an FPP for 9.30-10pm (yes, a half-hour window). Do you think we’d make it?

The reason I’d like to do it is because SM is closing for refurbishment and this may be our only chance.

Eek, I think it’s doubtful.

If you were doing lunch then yes, perhaps. But you’d be fighting the hordes of people trying to exit the park and fighting your way down Main Street.

IMO, I think you need to re-plan. Can you do it before dinner?

I keep forgetting that there will be other people in the park!

I’m trying for a before-dinner FPP, but nothing at the right time yet!

We were at CG for dinner and wanted to do Spalsh after that, too and I grabbed a FPP while we were eating.

And did it work out?!

Oh sorry, I could have mentioned that we had about an hour between finishing and the FPP time and the crowds had already left after Wishes as dessert took some time after we had watched the fireworks.

I think 30 minutes is too tight. The walk between CG and MK is not the problem, but you will have to fight the leaving crowds and make your way down Main Street and through Frontierland.

Genius idea: What about taking the train from Main Street? Does it run both clockwise and counterclockwise?

Just clockwise. It’s a thought but you’d still be waiting for it to arrive and it goes slowly! If you just miss it you’d be out of luck. And you would also have to fight your way up to the station, whilst others are coming down,

I would also keep an eye on those hours. If they keep MK open until 11 that FP will be extended.

Possible, yes, but it would be cutting it very closely. By the time you get down from CG, exit the CR and walk to the MK gate, about 20 min will have passed. A lot of the MS crowd will have left by then, but there will still be a heavy flow of people coming from other parts of the park. If there’s some way to fit Splash in at another time, I’d recommend it, but if this is truly your only time that you can do it, I say go for it - the worst that can happen is you don’t make it in time…

We’re doomed, then. Probably.

My other Splash FPP is on arrival day. We’ll probably make it, but flight delays or traffic could scupper our plans.