California Grill Lounge - open or no?

Does CG have the lounge open?

If not, I’ll plan Outer Rim and then maybe boat to WL for Geyser Point.

Yep it’s open at the bar- but they taken away table seating to make room for more dining seating.

Open. People sitting at the bar last night. Not sure how easy it is to get a seat there. First come, and all that

Okay this is sounding pretty good. Maybe I’ll rope drop CG. And start there for our little MK resort progressive cocktails and dinner.

Worth a try! The worst they can say is no and then you’re no worse off than you are right now

That’s what figure - think I’ll start at CR rather than Poly. That way if we don’t get in to CG we can still do a drink at Outer Rim and then go to GF, Poly and maybe WL.

CG is best food so would rather hit it first anyway rather than fill up elsewhere.

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