California Grill - Fourth of July 2019 @ 5:15

Alright - my score of the day was getting a 7:55 ADR at Cali Grill for 4th of July. This means that I have a 5:15pm CG ADR for 2 on 4th of July that I no longer need. Posting here in case someone wants to schedule a drop this evening. I’ll release it into the wild around 9pm if no one speaks up. Have posted on Facebook as well. Will also post in chat.


Why thank you… i just snagged it through the reservation finder! Enjoy the prime time ADR! I’m hoping to eventually score a later time, but this will still allow us to view fireworks from the roof if we come back after dinner. :blush:

If anyone has a CG reservation on 3rd July for around 7 to 8 they don´t want please let me know. I´ve got a 17.45 and a 21.25 booked but don´t really want either.

So glad you got it! I ended up holding on to it until early this morning hoping that letting go at 5:30AM would mean only
liners with Res Finder would be aware of it that early :grin:

Yes… I received an alert about 6:00 am and was wondering why it came so much later than your post. Now it makes perfect sense! And it was the first time I ever used Reservation Finder! Enjoy your dining, and thanks again!