California Grill dinner timing

I’ve snagged a table at CG for 7pm on a night when HEA is at 9pm.

Does that sound like good timing? I’m worried it’s a little early and they’ll rush us to reuse the table.

If you order an appetizer, entree and dessert it should be perfect. Even if it isn’t you can pay and wait on the viewing area. Enjoy!


And if you finish early and don’t want to wait you can use your receipt to enter the observation deck later again.

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There’s also a bar with seating and a lounge area where you can sit and have a bevvie while you wait.

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I typically aim for 90 min prior which gives me time for a drink, app, and entree before the show, and dessert after. But as long as you have drinks, apps, entree, and dessert, I doubt that anyone will rush you. I’ve been known to do a 2 1/2 hour dinner at CG…


I always tell the server that I’ll be staying through - and I leave an extra tip. It’s a lovely place for a leisurely meal, and I have never felt rushed along.

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Never had an issue keeping the table the two times we have been and that was the 10pm Wishes - early August. There again on 16th August.

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This is similar to the timing we will have. 7:55 reservation, fireworks are at 10 that night.