California Grill ~ Dinner for two, but need four

Being this is our first trip, I waited to long to book California Grill for our family of four. However, I do notice that they have reservations for two at 7:35. Therefore, I reserved that. I checked again for two and it showed another two available at 7:35. However, when I went to book it, it wouldn’t let me given I already had a ADR at that time. I don’t think there is a way to book two dinner for two at the same time, but figured I would ask?

Also, would I be ok to show up to dinner with four people, and just plan on waiting a little longer, or will they turn us away? (I assume it depends on host/how busy they are, but figured I would ask.

Usually if you call the dining line, they’ll be able to make both reservations on your account even if they overlap. If that doesn’t work, you can set up another person in your party under a separate MDE account from another email address, and reserve the second ADR under that account. The dining line is 407-WDW-DINE.

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Thanks… for the help. I will give them a call. What is the best time to schedule dinner if I want to view the fireworks from MK on the CR balcony? Is the reservation at 7:35 a good time? Thanks

I would not count on showing up with four to an ADR for two. It’s a different type of table, they might not be able to accommodate you. Keep looking for an ADR for four, and try three as well. In general, a table that will seat three will also seat four, so it’s more likely that they’ll be able to accommodate you…

As to timing, it depends on when the fireworks are. 7:35 would be alright for 9:00 fireworks, but really early for 10. I can make a meal last an hour and a half, but two and a half is stretching it. But, no matter when you ate, you can return for the fireworks, or at least that has been the case historically. Even with a 5:30 ADR, you could come back to watch the fireworks at 9. That might be helpful to your planning process.