California Grill Brunch question

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I put this in another post to someone’s review of their trip, but thought I would post it in it’s own thread here (for more info, of course!)

I might as well ask, because I have a feeling that you’ve been to the CALIFORNIA GRILL before, or maybe one of the readers to this entry has… particularly for brunch. We’ve got brunch reservations at CG on a Sunday (doesn’t start until 10:30, so it’s going to cut into our park time :frowning: ). However, the menu looks really great for that meal, and it’s on a day when we’re going to be at MK in the morning anyway.

Do you (or anyone reading) think that CG is worth the (2) dining table credits each for Brunch?

(Also - do you think we can leave our car at the Contemporary resort if we do dine there, walk over to MK, and then come back for our car mid-day? I believe they are going to try to valet park our car if we have dining reservations at the CG… not sure if I should let them, or just park ourselves and walk over and back mid-day).

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I am going to tag @OBNurseNH. She has been to that brunch and I think she can help.

We have only ever paid out of pocket. I wouldn’t use credits. The meal is well worth going, but you’ll make out better using those credits on two one-credit meals.

I believe several Liners have left their car at Contemporary for the day without issue after dining. We never have a car on property so I personally cannot speak to it.

Whatever you do, GO TO THIS BRUNCH!!! Definitely one of my all time best dining experiences and definitely one of the best meals on property.

Check out my blog post about it here:

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I read that post - I didn’t know that was you, @OBNurseNH - wow! Small world after all :smiley:

OK, that’s good intel - I’ll pay for this, and use a table service credit for other experiences. Thanks so much!