California Grill - a couple of questions

The reservation finder found me a CG brunch reservation for my upcoming trip - the reservation is for 12:10. I have a few questions

  1. will be be rushed out of the door at 1 or will they leave the food out and let us linger ? Would like to take our time
  2. our brunch will, in reality, be at lunch time. Is the food sufficiently “lunchy ” and not too “breakfasty” to be enjoyed at that time of the day
  3. we will probably go to MK first - how strictly is the CG dress code enforced for Brunch?

Thanks in advance

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  1. You can linger.

  2. There are a couple of more lunchy entree items and plenty such in the appetizer buffet

  3. Not enforced. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable dressing totally casually. You can be park-attire appropriate and kick it up a notch to meet the environment


We just did CG Brunch a week ago. We had an 11:15 reservation and headed to MK after that. We were in park attire. When we first checked in and saw the dress code sign I was in a panic but they said we were fine. There were others that were dressed nicer (ie non park attire) but we were not self conscious at all and saw others dressed the same way (shorts and t-shirts).
Here is their menu


What about dinner dress code?
Is it more-strictly enforced than lunch or brunch?


Brunch goes till 2pm for the last seating, so you have plenty of time and you won’t be rushed. It’s all you care to eat but it is not labeled that way. You can order multiple entrees and if you want you can order 1/2 entrees. There are plenty of reviews on u-tube.
Tim Tracker has a good one:
Paging Mr. Morrow also has a good one a little more detailed on how to navigate:
We are going before we leave to head back home so I won’t be partaking in the all you can drink mimosas, ok maybe one or two but that’s all. I would have never thought of this dinning option but @OBNurseNH has gone on and on about the butter poached lobster tail. So if it’s not good we know who to blame.:wink::wink:


Oh it’s better than good, friend.


I’m so excited about this I just watched Paging Mr. Morrow’s review again. Thank God I’ll have my wheelchair because I’m going to have to be wheeled out, and thank God for half orders because I need to try so much.


you will not be rushed and you will love it


Thanks for the replies - happy we won’t be rushed.

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