California Adventure magic hour

The Crowd Calendar doesn’t list Magic Hours for California Adventure in November on days when the park opens at 11:00am. Does anyone know whether hotel guests can get in at 10am on the California Adventure magic hour days (like Sunday and Monday?)

DCA opens at 8am the week of Thanksgiving, EMH is at 7am. This is the second pace I have seen people talking about 11am opens the week of Thanksgiving, as of right now the DL website and app shows normal hours, not 11am opens. Where did you see 11am opens?
No need to worry…I see on DLR Chat there was a glitch earlier. All is well again, the times are back to where they should be (8am open with 7am EMH).

Thanks! Glad it was a glitch. I had an alert on the Touring plans website that sent an email saying the opening time changed to 11:00 but now it seems to be back at 8:00am/7:00 EMH.

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Glad it was a glitch. 11am opens would be terrible!