Cali Grill pre vs post HEA

I currently have a 7:20 ADR at CG (found with reservation finder) with HEA at 8. It’s just DH and me. I know many would think this is an ideal time but I don’t really like interrupting my dinner to get up and go outside for the fireworks. I’d be OK with viewing them from the table, but we may not have a good view. DH has FOMO so I’m sure he would be up and outside if he can’t see well. Maybe we’d have enough time to eat an appetizer before HEA starts? We’ll be using the DxDP so I don’t want to rush. I’ve seen a rare later time pop up, like 9:30, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on the change. I have another reservation finder set and I’ll check the night before also. Am I crazy for wanting to go later?

You could enjoy a cocktail and then just an appetizer. You could ask to order just before HEA. That way it wouldn’t really be interrupting.

You definitely can’t count on a good view.

I would definitely not want to start a dinner as big as CG at 9:30.

Just let your server know that you are going to pace slowly and they will meet you where you’re at and tailor service to meet your preference

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