Cali Grill Brunch vs. Food and Wine


So, we will be at MK on a Sunday during F&W (Columbus Day Weekend). This is my first ever trip to F&W so we are looking forward to trying some of the booths, but also wanting to see some of the parks too.

I have a Cali Grill brunch ADR for 11:30 am. on that Sunday.

Our plan was going to be RD @ MK til 11 or 12, then over to EPCOT and spend a few hours poking around at F&W and then BACK to MK for late afternoon evening and fireworks.

I can’t imagine wanting to go try food booths at F&W after a Cali Grill brunch, so . . . thoughts?

Should I dump the Cali Grill and just commit to F&W, or is the Cali Grill brunch so good that it is worth skipping food booths that day in favor of Cali Grill brunch? I’m looking at you @OBNurseNH, because I think you are a proponent of the Cali Grill Brunch…

Ready, set, discuss…


Is that the only day you will have a chance to do F&W? CG brunch is awesome, but I can’t even imagine eating for awhile afterwards.


Good Q. No. We will be at FW on Saturday from 11:00 through the afternoon and then again on Monday early afternoon for a bit.

Obviously, this would cut out a bunch of booth opportunities by not going on Sunday, but we would still have several hours on Saturday and a couple hours on Monday.


I would do both. But not in the same day. Since you have other opportunities for F&W, do Cali grill Sun and partake F&W on other days.


I agree. CG brunch is absolutely worth doing especially if you have the chance to do F&W on other days.