Cali Grill Brunch vs. Food and Wine

So, we will be at MK on a Sunday during F&W (Columbus Day Weekend). This is my first ever trip to F&W so we are looking forward to trying some of the booths, but also wanting to see some of the parks too.

I have a Cali Grill brunch ADR for 11:30 am. on that Sunday.

Our plan was going to be RD @ MK til 11 or 12, then over to EPCOT and spend a few hours poking around at F&W and then BACK to MK for late afternoon evening and fireworks.

I can’t imagine wanting to go try food booths at F&W after a Cali Grill brunch, so . . . thoughts?

Should I dump the Cali Grill and just commit to F&W, or is the Cali Grill brunch so good that it is worth skipping food booths that day in favor of Cali Grill brunch? I’m looking at you @OBNurseNH, because I think you are a proponent of the Cali Grill Brunch…

Ready, set, discuss…

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Is that the only day you will have a chance to do F&W? CG brunch is awesome, but I can’t even imagine eating for awhile afterwards.

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Good Q. No. We will be at FW on Saturday from 11:00 through the afternoon and then again on Monday early afternoon for a bit.

Obviously, this would cut out a bunch of booth opportunities by not going on Sunday, but we would still have several hours on Saturday and a couple hours on Monday.

I would do both. But not in the same day. Since you have other opportunities for F&W, do Cali grill Sun and partake F&W on other days.


I agree. CG brunch is absolutely worth doing especially if you have the chance to do F&W on other days.

Yes,agree -Do Cali
as long as you have time to hit food and wine another time
sometimes the lines are so long ,i just dont feel like standing in them and it would be
a shame if you had a day like that and gave up a great brunch too -